Publications about the Lixto project

Papers on Lixto Visual Wrapper:

Visual Web Information Extraction with Lixto (VLDB 2001) [© VLDB Endowment] (Robert Baumgartner, Sergio Flesca, Georg Gottlob)
Supervised Wrapper Generation with Lixto (VLDB Demo 2001) [© VLDB Endowment] (Robert Baumgartner, Sergio Flesca, Georg Gottlob)
Declarative Information Extraction, Web Crawling and Recursive Wrapping with Lixto (LPNMR 2001) [© Springer-Verlag] (Baumgartner, Flesca, Gottlob)
The Elog Web Extraction Language (LPAR 2001) [© Springer-Verlag] (Robert Baumgartner, Sergio Flesca, Georg Gottlob)
The Lixto Wrapper Generation Tool (Extended Abstract) (SEBD 2001) (R. Baumgartner, S. Flesca and G. Gottlob)

Papers on Infopipes (Lixto TS):
InfoPipes: A flexible framework for M-Commerce Applications (TES 2001) [© Springer-Verlag] (Marcus Herzog, Georg Gottlob)
Visual Programming of Web Data Aggregation Applications (IIWeb 2003) (R. Baumgartner, G. Gottlob and M. Herzog)
Papers on Lixto Technology and Visions and Lixto as part of other applications:

Lixto: Halfway to the Semantic Web (OEGAI Journal, 1/2003) (R. Baumgartner, G. Gottlob and M. Herzog)
Interactively Adding Web Service Interfaces to Existing Web Applications (SAINT 2004) (R.B., G.G., M.H. and Wolfgang Slany)
The Lixto Data Extraction Project - Back and Forth between Theory and Practice (PODS 2004) (G. G., C. Koch, R.B., M. H. and S. F.)
Annotating the Legacy Web with Lixto (ISWC 2004) (R.B., G.G., M.H. and Wolfgang Slany)
Reasoning Methods for Personalization on the Semantic Web (Annals of Mathematics, Computing & Teleinformatics 2 (1), 1-24, 2004) (Grigoris Antoniou, Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Robert Baumgartner, François Bry, Thomas Eiter, Nicola Henze, Marcus Herzog, Wolfgang May, Viviana Patti, Roman Schindlauer, Hans Tompits, and Sebastian Schaffert)
Vom Internet zu mobilen Applikationen (e&i 7-8/2005) (Robert Baumgartner, Oliver Frölich and Marcus Herzog)
Lixtoforall: Consumer-level semantic web-squeezing and aggregation (ISWC2004) (W.Slany)
Enhancing wrapper usability through ontology sharing and large scale cooperation (International Workshop on Adaptive and Personalized Semantic Web at Hypertext 2005) (Wolfgang Slany, Pranjal Arya, Andreas Rath)
Enhancing wrapper usability through ontology sharing and large scale cooperation (RAWS 2005) (Christian Schindler, Pranjal Arya, Andreas Rath, Wolfgang Slany)
Integrating Semi-Structured Data into Business Applications: a Web Intelligence Example (WM 2005) (Robert Baumgartner, Oliver Frölich, Georg Gottlob, Marcus Herzog and Peter Lehmann)
Human-Agent interaction in the light of ontology sharing and large scale cooperation (IAWTIC 2005) (Pranjal Arya, Christian Schindler, Wolfgang Slany)
The Lixto Project: Exploring New Frontiers of Web Data Extraction (BNCOD 2006) (Carme, Ceresna, Frölich, Gottlob, Hassan, Herzog, Holzinger, Krüpl)
Declarative Web Data Extraction and Annotation (WLP 2006) (Bernardoni, Fiumara, Marchi, Provetti)

Papers on Lixto Application Design:

Building Dynamic Information Portals - A Case Study in the Agrarian Domain (Proc. of IS 2002) (RB, G. Gottlob, M. Herzog and T. Wiedemair)
Semantic Markup of News Items with Lixto ("Annotation for the Semantic Web") (R. Baumgartner, S. Eichholz, S. Flesca, G. Gottlob and M. Herzog)
Web Information Acquisition with Lixto Suite: A Demonstration (Proc. of ICDE 2003) (R. Baumgartner, M. Ceresna, G. Gottlob, M. Herzog, V. Zigo)
Tutorial on Web Data Extraction and Integration (Proc. of m-Business 2003) (R. Baumgartner, M. Herzog, T. Wiedemair)
Using Lixto for automating portal-based B2B processes in the automotive industry (IJEB 2/5/2004) (R. Baumgartner, M. Herzog)
Extending the Data Warehouse with Company External Data from Competitors' Websites: A Case Study in the Banking Sector (DW 2004) (Nevena Stolba and Beate List)
Web Data Extraction for Business Intelligence: the Lixto Approach (BTW 2005) (Robert Baumgartner, Oliver Frölich, Georg Gottlob, Patrick Harz, Marcus Herzog and Peter Lehmann)
The Personal Publication Reader: Illustrating Web Data Extraction, Personalization and Reasoning for the Semantic Web (ESWC 2005) (Robert Baumgartner, Nicola Henze, Marcus Herzog)
Semantic Web enabled Information Systems: Personalized Views on Web Data (UWSI 2005) (Robert Baumgartner, Christian Enzi, Nicola Henze, Marc Herrlich, Marcus Herzog, Matthias Kriesell, and Kai Tomaschewski)
The Personal Publication Reader (ISWC 2005 SWC) (Fabian Abel, Robert Baumgartner, Adrian Brooks, Christian Enzi, Georg Gottlob, Nicola Henze, Marcus Herzog, Matthias Kriesell, Wolfgang Nejdl, and Kai Tomaschewski)
Online-Datenextraktion und -Integration für Bibliotheks- und Verlagskataloge: ein Anwendungsbeispiel (BVÖ Österreich) (Robert Baumgartner, Oliver Frölich, Georg Gottlob and Marcus Herzog)

Papers on theoretical foundations of Lixto, Elog, inductive and automatic extraction etc.:
Monadic Datalog and the Expressive Power of Web Information Extraction Languages (PODS 2002) [Best Paper Award] (Christoph Koch, G. Gottlob)
Supervised Learning of Wrappers from Structured Data Sources (Michal Ceresna, PhD)
Using Visual Cues for Extraction of Tabular Data from Arbitrary HTML Documents (WWW 2005 Demo) (M. Herzog, W. Gatterbauer, B. Krüpl)
Interactive Generation of HTML Wrappers Using Attribute Classification (RAWS 2005) (Michal Ceresna)
Information Extraction Using Eupeptic Data in Web Tables (RAWS 2005) (Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Bernhard Krüpl, Wolfgang Holzinger, and Marcus Herzog)
Intelligent Wrapping from PDF Documents with Lixto (RAWS 2005) (Tamir Hassan, Robert Baumgartner)
Intelligent Text Extraction from PDF (IADIS WWW/Internet 2005 Demo) (Tamir Hassan, Robert Baumgartner)
Deep Web Navigation in Web Data Extraction (IAWTIC 2005) (R.Baumgartner, Michal Ceresna and Gerald Ledermüller)
Intelligent Text Extraction from PDF documents (IAWTIC 2005) (Tamir Hassan, Robert Baumgartner)
Using Graph Matching Techniques to Wrap Data from PDF Documents (WWW 2006 Poster) (Tamir Hassan, Robert Baumgartner)
Visually Guided Bottom-Up Table Detection and Segmentation in Web Documents (WWW 2006 Poster) (Bernhard Krüpl and Marcus Herzog)
Overview papers:
Information Extraction for the Semantic Web (Summer School Reasoning Web 2005, Malta) (Robert Baumgartner, Thomas Eiter, Georg Gottlob, Marcus Herzog, and Christoph Koch)
Methoden undWerkzeuge zur Webdatenextraktion ("SemanticWeb: Auf dem Weg zur vernetzten Wissensgesellschaft", May 2006, Springer) (Robert Baumgartner)