Bernhard Pollak, Record Detection on the Visual Layer; The REDEVILA System Master's Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, December 2007 (slightly corrected version, english front cover, hyperlinks)
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Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Paul Bohunsky, Marcus Herzog, Bernhard Kr├╝pl, Bernhard Pollak, Domain Independent Information Extraction from Web Tables, In Proceedings of the 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2007) pp. 71-80, Banff, Canada, May 2007. ACM Press.
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Bernhard Pollak, Wolfgang Gatterbauer. Creating Permanent Test Collections of Web Pages for Information Extraction Research , In Proceedings of SOFSEM 2007: Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Volume II ICS AS CR, Prague, 2007, pp. 103-115. ISBN: 80-903298-9-6.
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