webpagedump firefox extension

WebPageDump is a Firefox extension which allows you to save local copies of pages from the Web. It sounds simple, but it's not. The standard "Save page" function of web browsers fails with most web pages and also web site downloaders do not work in a satisfactory manner. This shortcomings were a serious problem for our research. A more in-depth description, the extension itself and some test datasets can be found at the WebPageDump homepage.


I worked on the VENTex project together with Wolfgang Gatterbauer and Paul Bohunsky. It is a new domain independent table extraction system based on visual rendering of the DOM Tree. Take a further look at Online VENTex.

the redevila system

This is the project from my master's thesis. Beside a literature survey about doument and web page analysis I implemented a record detection system named REDEVILA (REcord DEtection on the VIsual LAyer). Similar to our VENTex approach I used the visual rendering of the DOM Tree as base for extracting the functional semantic out of web pages.

cspapers firefox extension

A quick & dirty extension for naming CiteSeer papers automatically according to a format string. For more information take a look at the CSPapers homepage.

fractal applets

Here you can find two fractal applets I have done for a lecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Just look at my Fractals homepage.