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Ruslan R. Fayzrakhmanov

Projektassistent (Project assistant) Dr.techn. (PhD) Dipl.-Ing.(ViennaTU) M.Sc.(PermSTU)

Address Institute of Information Systems,
Database and Artificial Intelligence Group,
Vienna University of Technology,
Favoritenstraße 9-11,
1040 Wien, Austria
Mail fayzrakh at dbai tuwien ac at
Phone +43-1-58801-18448
Room HA 0306
Office Hours by appointment

About me

I am a project assistant at the Institute of Information Systems, Database and Artificial Intelligence group, working in the area of Web Information Extraction and Web Accessibility under the supervision of Prof. Reinhard Pichler and Dr. Robert Baumgartner. I hold my master's degree from the Information Technology and Automated Systems department of the Perm State Technical University (Russia) in 2008.
I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology in January 2014. My PhD study has been partially supported by the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union.
From January 2016 I am a research assistant at the University of Oxford, Computer Science Department.

Research projects


Lectures: Summer term 2014



Selective publications


External reviewer for the following journals and conferences:

Software and models

A Unified Ontological Model formalizing some aspects of the web page conceptualization.
A Web Page Processing System, a new, highly configurable Java-based framework for developing effective and robust methods that address problems in the fields of Web Page Understanding and Web Information Extraction.
A Multi-Axial Navigation Model, a model enhancing web page accessibility.
A set of prototypes for accessible web page navigation.
An algorithm for detecting painting order of css boxes and layers of the HTML web documents. A painting order is computed according to the CSS 2.1 specification and factors in the particularities of Firefox 3.6 (XULRunner/Gecko 1.9.2).
It is an information extraction tool which extends expressiveness of regular expressions with additional constructs and requires a user to manually define a wrapper. Thus, the user can impose additional constraints for the length and value (string or numerical) of the returned string. It is also possible to define new concepts specified by the extended language as well as use them in the definition of other concepts.
The UOM, MANM, and the Blindzilla prototypes were developed based on the cooperative work with the team of the ABBA project.


Annotated Transport Web Forms, a dataset for the basic web object identification problem. The ATW dataset was developed by the cooperative work with the team of the TAMCROW project.
A dataset contains web pages of CNN and Amazon websites, some subset of the RISE corpus which is used for comparing and testing information extraction systems, and a collection of web forums provided by Big Boards (Web pages of web forums were collected by Wolfgang Holzinger.)

June 2016

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