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Project: Abstract Dialectical Frameworks: Advanced Tools for Formal Argumentation


(funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under grants BR-1817/7-1 and I1102 (DFG/ FWF)


New journal articles

We are happy to announce the publication of new articles in Argument & Computation and Artificial Intelligence.

Reasoning in abstract dialectical frameworks using quantified Boolean formulas
Martin Diller, Johannes P. Wallner, and Stefan Woltran.
Argument & Computation [ link ]
Analyzing the Computational Complexity of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks via Approximation Fixpoint Theory
Hannes Strass and Johannes P. Wallner.
Artificial Intelligence [ DOI ]

Upcoming talk

Sylwia Polberg will give a talk on Intertranslatability of Abstract Argumentation Frameworks on May 14th at the 7th edition of the PhDs in Logic conference. The full program can be found here.

Papers accepted

We are happy to announce that the following papers have been accepted at IJCAI 2015.

An Extension-Based Approach to Belief Revision in Abstract Argumentation
Martin Diller, Adrian Haret, Thomas Linsbichler, Stefan Rümmele, and Stefan Woltran.
Realizability of Three-Valued Semantics for Abstract Dialectical Frameworks
Jörg Pührer.
AGM Meets Abstract Argumentation: Expansion and Revision for Dung Frameworks
Ringo Baumann and Gerhard Brewka.

Argumentation Spring Meeting

On 21st and 22nd of April 2015 we organized a workshop (“Argumentation Spring Meeting”) at the University of Leipzig, considered as a forum for researchers in the field of argumentation, with a focus on Abstract Dialectical Frameworks.
Participants were: Katie Atkinson, Ringo Baumann, Gerhard Brewka, Martin Diller, Stefan Ellmauthaler, Sarah Gaggl, Thomas Gordon, Anthony Hunter, Sylwia Polberg, Jörg Pührer, Sebastian Rudolph, Hannes Strass, and Stefan Woltran.
The program can be found here. Photos: 1, 2.

Special Issue

A Special Issue of Argument & Computation on Applications of logical approaches to argumentation, co-edited by Stefan Woltran, has been published.

Invited Talk

Stefan Woltran has given an invited talk at the Workshop on the Dynamics of Argumentation, Rules and Conditionals (DARC 2014) on Comparing the Power of Different Semantics for Abstract Argumentation [slides]

Best Student Paper Award

Thomas Linsbichler has been awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the 5th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2014) in Pitlochry, UK, for his work on Splitting Abstract Dialectical Frameworks.

Invited Talk

Stefan Woltran has given an invited talk at the 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-2014) sponsored by the Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications book series. The title of the presentation was Abstract Argumentation - All Problems Solved? [slides]

Best Talk Award

Sylwia Polberg has won the Best Talk Award at the 7th European Starting AI Researcher Symposium (STAIRS-2014) in Prague for her presentation on Extension-based Semantics of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks.

Invited Talk by Stefan Woltran at TaPP 2014

Stefan Woltran has given the keynote speech at the 6th USENIX Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance (TaPP 2014). [slides]

Stefan Woltran at TaPP 2014

Invited Talk by Gerd Brewka at JURIX 2013

Gerd Brewka will give an invited talk at JURIX 2013 about "Abstract Dialectical Frameworks and Their Potential for Legal Argumentation".

Upcoming Journal Paper


Two Journal Papers accepted


Journal Article accepted

We are happy to announce that following article has been accepted

Papers accepted

We are happy to announce that the following upcoming papers have been accepted

Abstract Dialectical Frameworks Revisited
Gerhard Brewka, Stefan Ellmauthaler, Hannes Strass, Johannes P. Wallner and Stefan Woltran.
Accepted for IJCAI 2013
Admissibility in the Abstract Dialectical Framework
Sylwia Polberg, Johannes P. Wallner and Stefan Woltran.
Accepted for CLIMA 2013.
Advanced SAT Techniques for Abstract Argumentation
Johannes P. Wallner, Georg Weissenbacher and Stefan Woltran.
Accepted for CLIMA 2013
Analyzing the Equivalence Zoo in Abstract Argumentation
Ringo Baumann, Gerhard Brewka.
Accepted for CLIMA 2013
Characteristics of Multiple Viewpoints in Abstract Argumentation
Paul E. Dunne, Wolfgang Dvořák, Thomas Linsbichler, Stefan Woltran
Accepted for DKB 2013
Instantiating Knowledge Bases in Abstract Dialectical Frameworks
Hannes Strass
Accepted for CLIMA 2013.
Structural Properties for Deductive Argument Systems
Anthony Hunter and Stefan Woltran
Accepted for ECSQARU 2013.
The DIAMOND system for argumentation: Preliminary report
Stefan Ellmauthaler and Hannes Strass
Accepted for ASPOCP 2013.

ACAI 2013 session on Implementation of Argumentation


Stefan Woltran gave an invited talk/system demo at the ACAI 2013 on Implementation of Argumentation (slides).

Project started


The project has officially started on 2013-07-01 and will have a duration of three years.

Last updated: 2013-10-03 16:18

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