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Long ago, I did my own installation, Force, and Task Force counters in Framemaker, with the goal of being able to play without stacking on the map. They are tiny and therefore not for everyone, but I found the ability to place a port, airfield, OSB and HQ in one hex so as to be visible at the same time quite useful, especially when playing the Strategic Scenario.

I drew the counters large and adjusted the print scale so the counters came out 5mm on a side, printing on white and yellow paper depending on nationality. I glued them onto strips of removable adhesive tape so they would not be blown off by every breeze. The mix also includes submarine force counters (so it would no longer be possible to see how many subs were in a hex just by looking at the map). The two files are in PDF format. One contains airfields and ports and the other contains the rest including a listing of the counter symbols on the last page.


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