Test Laboratory Scheduling

The Test Laboratory Scheduling Problem (TLSP) arises in the context of a real-world industrial test laboratory. It is related to the well-known Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP).

A detailed description of TLSP can be found in the following report: The Test Laboratory Scheduling Problem (PDF)

Data sets

All instance sets for TLSP available for download are listed here. Currently, there are two datasets, LabStructure and General. Both of these datasets are randomly generated based on real-world data. They contain instances from 5 projects and 88 time slots up to 90 projects and 782 time slots. All instances contain a base schedule with some fixed assignments and a complete grouping of tasks into jobs that has at least one feasible solution (see reference solution for each instance). More details about the instance sets and the various parameters can be found in the report linked above.

This table will be extended once additional datasets become available.

Base schedule
Data set Projects Time slots Scenario Equipment Task families Precedence Mode Perturbation Flags
LabStructure 5-90 88-782 Full Scheduling Lab equivalent Lab equivalent Ranked Delete 1.0 Grouping constant
General 5-90 88-782 Full Scheduling General General General Delete 1.0 Grouping constant

A subset of these instances was used for evaluations. It contains 15 instances each from the General and LabStructure data sets, chosen to cover the whole range of instance sizes. The instances of this set are contained in this ZIP-Archive

Real world instances

These instances were taken (in anonymized form) from a real-world laboratory whose scheduling process is based on TLSP. Each instance includes a README.txt file that contains additional information about the instance and schedule. Download real-world instances





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