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TAMCROW — Task Mining and Crowd Sourcing

(supported by the FFG Fit-IT Semantic Systems under grant 829614)


Goal of the project

The Web is constantly evolving. Rich Internet applications turn the Web from a collection of documents into a network of complex applications. Moreover, the way how the Web is consumed is changed due to the advent of social platforms, "consumer as producer" mash-ups, browser access form a wide range of devices, and new strategies how to find relevant information automatically, to name a few. We believe that TAMCROW will provide essential contributions to respond to this evolvement. To tackle the new challenges on the Web profoundly, it is absolutely necessary to perceive these evolvements from a web science perspective. Hence, TAMCROW develops and proposes a model for concretely describing user behaviour of different crowds on the Web. The created model will be applicable to a number of usage scenarios of user agents in these crowds. The generation of the model will primarily be based on use cases from web accessibility, mobile browsing, web personalization, and automatic deep web traversal. Prototypes will be developed on top addressing needs of blind users, targeting content and state repackaging for mobile devices, introducing personalized trails through the web jungle, and automating deep web extraction with focussed spidering techniques.



The project started at 1 March 2011 and ended at 31 July 2013.


Project team

Project Partners:

Project Leaders:

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