A proof of the irrationality of $\protect\sqrt{2}$

Leslie Lamport

December 1, 1993


HTML version of a sample proof that uses Lamport's proof style [1], illustrating how structured proofs can be converted to HTML pages via LATEX2HTML enriched with extensions for Lamport's proof style.

Theorem There does not exist $r$ in Q such that $r^{2}=2$.

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Leslie Lamport, 1993, How to write a proof. In Global Analysis of Modern Mathematics, pp. 311-321. Publish or Perish, Houston, Texas, February 1993. A symposium in honor of Richard Palais' sixtieth birthday (also published as SRC Research Report 94). http://research.microsoft.com/users/lamport/proofs/src94.ps.Z

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A proof of the irrationality of $\protect\sqrt{2}$

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