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Doctoral Programme
"Mathematical Logic in Computer Science"

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NEW PROGRAM: Logical Methods in Computer Science



Doctoral Programme

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) is offering 10 PhD student positions within the doctoral programme "Mathematical Logic in Computer Science" which is launched in the academic year 2010/2011. The programme is jointly organized by the faculties of Informatics, Mathematics, and Physics, with a strong emphasis on Logic in Computer Science; computational logic is one of the priority research areas of the Faculty of Informatics.

PhD students for this full-time programme are recruited world-wide, all courses are held in English. Five of the ten positions are reserved for female applicants.

Call for applications 2010/11


Continuous filling, starting from Sept 10, 2010
Ultimate closing: March 15, 2011
Start Programme: Winter Semester 2010 (phase-in)


There has always been a close connection between the areas of Logic, Mathematics and Computer Science. Mathematical Logic is at the heart of these fields and contributed outstanding important results like e.g. various Undecidabilty results, Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems. Physics offers new challenges to the field such as Quantum Computation. The Doctoral Programme Mathematical Logic in Computer Science lies in this intersection of areas and is embedded in ongoing projects and research carried out at Vienna University of Technology. The programme is interdisciplinary and fosters the application of Mathematical Logic to Computer Science; envisaged key application areas are Model-Based Design and Verification as well as Advanced Information Systems.

The curriculum covers general courses (e.g. Research Methodology, Philosophy of Science, Communication, etc.) and area courses, which deal with important topics of mathematical logic and its applications. A stay abroad at a cooperating university and/or the participation at Summer/Winter Schools resp. Doctoral Consortia are organized and required. In addition, participation at international conferences where the students will present their results is planned.

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Partners: Vienna PhD School of Informatics and the Kurt Gödel Society

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