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Faculty of Informatics, TU Vienna TU Vienna

Doctoral Programme
"Mathematical Logic in Computer Science"

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The curriculum of the Doctoral Programme incorporates courses, international experience and the defense of the doctoral thesis. The courses are intended to deepen the student's knowledge on the one hand in the research area covered by the Doctoral Programme and on the other hand in general skills such as research methodology, career planning and innovation management.

The thesis is supervised by two members of the faculty (external supervision may also be possible); interdisciplinary theses, are preferred. The duration of the Programme is three years. Each PhD student position is funded for the three years of study (regular employment contract with full social benefits).


The program has the following elements (1 credit = 1 ECTS) All courses are held in English.

In addition, the exams (Course Exams, PhD proposal and the defense of the thesis) have to be passed.

Fundamental Courses:

The fundamental courses are intended to convey general skills and enable the students to obtain additional qualifications. Students must earn 12 credits from the fundamental courses.
Fundamental Courses
  • Research Methodology for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians (compulsory)
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Research and Career Planning for PhD Students (compulsory)
  • Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Area Courses:

Students must earn 24 credits from completed area modules; normally, a module has 6 credits. A module comprises of several courses, which may be predefined in the curriculum or - in other cases - may be freely chosen from a pool of courses.
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Formal Methods and Verification
  • Knowledge Representation and Databases
  • Models of Computation
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Automated Inference Methods
  • Scientific Forums (compulsory)

Scientific Forums include ongoing Research Seminars, PhD Student Workshops and Doctoral Consortia.


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