14th International Workshop on
Non-Monotonic Reasoning
June 8-10, 2012 - Rome, Italy
Università di Roma "La Sapienza" Association for Logic Programming Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Artificial Intelligence (AIJ)


Early = before or on May 11, 2012
Late = from May 12 to May 31, 2012

NMR 2012 only:
 * Full, early: 280 Euros
 * Student, early: 170 Euros
 * Full, early (for those already registered to KR-12): 230 Euros
 * Student, early (for those already registered to KR-12): 130 Euros
 * Full, late: 350 Euros
 * Student, late: 230 Euros
 * Full, on-site: 380 Euros
 * Student, on-site: 260 Euros

JOINT DL-12 & NMR-12:
 * Full, early: 360 Euros
 * Student, early: 250 Euros
 * Full, early (for those already registered to KR-12): 310 Euros
 * Student, early (for those already registered to KR-12): 210 Euros
 * Full, late: 430 Euros
 * Student, late: 310 Euros
 * Full, on-site: 460 Euros
 * Student, on-site: 340 Euros

Previous registration to KR-12 entitles a reduction of 50 Euros for early regular registrations and a reduction of 40 euros for early student registrations.
Notice that to get the reduced rate, it is necessary to register to KR-12 before registration to NMR-12 (both registrations are accessible by the same link below). Late registrations do not  allow for reduced fees.

Joint registrations with DL-12 are also possible with the addition of 80 euros (valid for any kind of registration, included reduced ones for joint registration with KR-12).

Students must provide proof of full-time student status (copy of valid student ID card or letter from their institution or program director) and email it to nmr12@dbai.tuwien.ac.at.

NMR-12 Registration fee includes lunches for three workshop days, coffee breaks, and one ticket for the social event.

Additional tickets for the social event can be purchased during the registration procedure.

For enquiries regarding registration (e.g., to have invitation letters for VISA purposes), send an email to nmr12@dbai.tuwien.ac.at. For problems with the on-line registration web site please contact congressi@consultaumbria.com

Students requesting a student grant do not have to register, but instead should wait for a response.

Note: Even though you are not registering to KR-12, in order to proceed with workshop registration you have in any case to select the KR-12 event and choose the category 'ONLY WORKSHOP REGISTRATION' and the free fee associated.