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Faculty of Informatics, TU Vienna TU Vienna

Doctoral Programme
"Mathematical Logic in Computer Science"

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About the Doctoral Programme

The Doctoral Programme is an international PhD programme with focus on mathematical logic. Interdisciplinary research and experiences abroad are supported and funded. In the first selection round of this programme 10 positions are available. International students are encouraged to apply.

TU Vienna has a strong international reputation in various fields targeted in the programme and aims at positioning the Doctoral Programme at a high level of excellence within the international community. These fields include:

The programme is jointly organized by the faculties of Informatics, Mathematics, and Physics, with a strong emphasis on Logic in Computer Science; computational logic is one of the priority research areas of the Faculty of Informatics. Interdisciplinary theses that require consolidated knowledge from different areas (Mathematics, Logic, Computer Science and Physics) are preferred.

The programme fosters the application of Mathematical Logic to Computer Science; two envisaged key application areas are:


The faculty of the programme consists of:
Name Department Homepage
Matthias BAAZ Mathematics Link
Agata CIABATTONI Computer Science Link
Thomas EITER (coordinator) Computer Science Link
Martin GOLDSTERN Mathematics Link
Alexander LEITSCH Computer Science Link
Reinhard PICHLER Computer Science Link
Karl SVOZIL Physics Link
Stefan SZEIDER Computer Science Link
Helmut VEITH Computer Science Link
Stefan WOLTRAN Computer Science Link

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