Solomon Sea errata as of 01-10-21

(New entries since 00-08-31: 7.6, 7.10, 7.13, 8.6, 8.9, 13.5, Setup note 2), 5.add., 8.15 add.


5. Victory points: On the "a CA" line, add "US CL, CLA, AO". Replace "SFT, ST" by "IJN CL, CVS". Add "CVL, CVE" to "CV".

6.3 Stacking: Only one submarine of a side may ever be in one hex at a time.

7.6 Search modifier example: The required dieroll should be 8, and the base chance should be 70%, not 60%. The last line of the table (single-step searches) should be ignored.

7.10 Search paths: in the second paragraph, add "(not 'L')" after "lowest-numbered remaining."

7.13 Search path length: In the first line of the example replace '5' by '4'.

8.6 Finding the target: (Clarification) The separation into waves only influences the search for the target. There is only one air combat per turn per target, and it includes all the waves that find the target.

8.9 AA fire by ships: Only one ship step can attack one bomber step.

8.15 Transfer missions (addition): In a single mission, planes with a range of 2 or less can only transfer to bases within ten hexes.

9. Surface combat (clarification): Note that detection reports make no distinction between task forces. Effectively, if one friendly ship in the hex is detected, all are. Thus, all ships in a hex participate in surface combat.

11.3 B-17 units: The armor value of B-17's is 5.

12.3 Bombardment: Ships bombard after surface combat, before submarine attacks.

12.4 Base repairs: Roll for repairs in the Turn End Phase.

13.5 Tactical modifiers: Japanese surface combat strength is increased by 1 on night turns.

14.5 Remote CAP: "range 1" should in both cases be read as "range 1 or less".

Wave arrival chart: Replace "add to dieroll" by "add to arrival number".

Scenario setups:

Setup note: The only "two-ship BB" counters in the current counter mix (see 5. Victory Points) are the two "Kngo" class units.

Setup note 2: The distinction between Zeros with ranges 4 and 5 should be qualified to only refer to land-based Zeros. All carrier-based Zeros have a range of 3.

Coral Sea, Allied Setup: The 3 sea-based TBF's are actually TBD's. Ignore the half search path unless playing with optional rule 14.3. IJN Setup: Remove Buna from the list of bases. Japanese TT cannot be attacked by submarines in the Rabaul hex. Two G3M counters are missing from the countersheet, use spare B-17 counters instead. (*)

Eastern Solomons, IJN Setup: "Ships" should list 3*0.5 CL instead of 2*0.5 CA. Delete 0.5 CA from Advance Force, Vanguard Force.

Santa Cruz, Allied setup: Two land-based F4F are missing from the countersheet. Only one PBY search is assigned to Espiritu Santo. IJN setup: Delete 0.5 CL from Vanguard Force. (*)

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Allied Special Rules: Use TBD counters for the land-based TBF's (their crews were less well trained for torpedo attacks). They are not considered carrier capable .

(*) (Later copies of the game contain additional counters that allow the full historical setups.)

Variant table:

In several places, the table refers to carrier planes used on land. Carrier plane counters are supposed to be used in this case (as both pilots and planes were carrier capable).

The capacity of Victorious is 5 (she enters fully loaded).

Several options on the variant table use counters from the unpublished expansion kit. For now, to use the table as intended make the following changes:

Coral Sea, Allied option 0-1: There should only be 3 SBD on Enterprise (representing wear and tear from the Doolittle Raid search missions). Allied option 2-3: only one PBY search is added (player's choice of location).

Eastern Solomons, IJN Option 0: Ignore text, refer to Option 1 instead.

Santa Cruz, IJN Option 0-1: There should be 2 D3A on Hiyo instead of 2.5.

Strategy tip

Note that while searching in a base hex is automatic (the other player will automatically roll a die for each of his task forces he has in one of your base hexes), you can also add a ship search of your own, in which case he'll have to roll twice. (That of course represents your ships aggressively patrolling instead of waiting for sighting reports to come in.)