Napoleon's Later Campaigns - Napoleon at Leipzig Replay

Napoleon's Later Campaigns - Napoleon at Leipzig Replay

This is a short NAL play report of a partial campaign game I got from Stephane in Hungary,

We played a wonderful game today. The beginning was not easy because we had to get used to the system but we like it. Really fun! We played with all rules except tiny and huge units and order force. Also, when an old Guard unit has a step loss, I ignore the -1 Morale modifier...I am too french to accept that :)))

I used green counters to show a Confidence Check...and I flipped the leaders to show a demoralised corps... no leader died...

I had the French and I wanted Murat to send a defend order to the Ve corps...and it turned to fall back...fantastic...4 turns later, I wanted to send an other defend order to the IIe corps...and Fall back again... Thank god, the allies stayed on the Defense...that was all that happened on the 14th...

On the 15th...surprise ! the 3rd division plus arty from Klenau appeared at Holzhausen. I had moved the IXe corps to support the VIIIe corps. So there was nobody around to stop the Austrians... Anyway, I was lucky, Murat woke up at 9.00...the IIeYG could take the city at 10.00. I had also sent the IeYG to help the IIe...because Klenau the 2d division as well... (picture)

Without any trust in Murat, Napi sent the new orders...and the attack on Gueldengossa with the Ve corps and the attack on Croebern could begin only only at 15.00... At 16.00 the IVeC could attack with the IIe corps and the VeC could attack with the was bloody...impossible to take the 17.00 one brigade the arty and Lauriston were out of supply (picture)... I had to send a terrible charge with the Guard cav, the VeC corps and Murat to finally give freedom to Lauriston... (picture)

We stopped at the end of the 17.00 turn on the 15th.

Losses :
French: IIe 5, Ve 9, VeC 3 (demoralized), IYG 2, IIYG 3 (Total: 22)
Allies: IVe Austrian 19, W 18, IIP 15 (all demoralized; total: 52)

Thank you for everything. We will play another game in January and I promise will send you a more detailed report.


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