Variant OOB

This page contains some variant counters for Napoleon at Leipzig, based on Dave Jones' research for his variant NAL ADC2 module.

3rd edition counters

2nd edition counters

Note: The red lines separate out the front sides of counters from the counter backs. The six non-Russian counter backs on the left part of the sheet must be pasted on individually - I think it is clear which units they belong to. The right-hand block of counter backs (for the seven Russian units) is arranged so that you can paste them on in a single block and then cut the counters apart.

To Do

Still have to upgrade the refit with slightly increased corps demoralisation values for the formations that get extra SPs in this counterset. I will post an upgraded refit version (also checked through for rules version 1.2.0) eventually.


There were a number of decisions I made.

First, I wanted to keep the number of variant counters low. That means I would leave out the hypothetical units - if you want to play with St Cyr's or Wrede's corps, I recommend David's ADC set.

Second, I would only apply significant changes. That means most of the French counters remain unchanged. Dave's figures show variations across most of the French OOB, but luckily they almost balance out - a few SPs lostb in one unit correspond to an extra SP in another unit, so that in the end the French infantry and cavalry should only be something like 4SP weaker across the board. I'll acknowledge that the VIII Corps units (the Poles) are very highly rated and let it go.

The exception on the French side are the Guard artillery units, in particular the Young Guard artillery. I accepted the original explanation that the YG has an artillery point in every unit, but according to Dave's research it's almost double that. As a result there will be an extra artillery counter, and breakdown counters as well.

Most of the changes of course occur on the Allied side, and here again I used the rule that if a unit has an extra SP, I would not change it. I also have not generally added Cossack units as they are not separately identified or treated differently in the rules in the original game. The exception is Schwarzenberg's HQ Escort which I have added.

The key change I wanted to incorporate is that even based on the pro-French across-the-board value of 750 men per SP (as opposed to 450-500 men per SP on the French side), some of the Allied formations are (a) undervalued as Dave's research has resulted in higher manpower values, and (b) are missing units. These are the bits I've tried to fill out.

Types of changes

There are three types of variant counters:

Specific changes

Changes on the French side:

IX Corps: Added 32/Godard 4-4/2-4
OG: Upgraded Griois to 8-4 artillery, plus four 2-4 breakdown counters.
I YG: Added 8-4 artillery, plus four 2-4 breakdown counters.
II YG: Added 8-4 artillery, plus four 2-4 breakdown counters.

Changes on the Allied side:

Schwarzenberg's Cossack escort. Cossacks don't seem to be explicitly in the countermix in general, but this unit is big enough to warrant attention (and perhaps save the HQ in a desperate situation). The unit must remain stacked with Schwarzenberg or the HQ at all times.

Austrian I Corps: 2 units. Missing 2 and 3 SP's in the 2nd and 3rd Div respectively, which I've included in a new 3rd step for Czervinka's and Quasdanovitch's brigade.

Austrian II Corps: 2 units. Extra 3 SPs for Lichtenstein's division which I've included in a new 3rd step for Klopstein's brigade. Extra 2 SPs which are included in a new Jaeger counter for Lederer's division.

Austrian III Corps: Four units (Salin, Weigel, Czollich, Grimmer) get stronger first steps, for a total of 10 extra SPs.

Austrian IV Corps: Four units. The 5-4 Baumgarten Jaeger unit as well as Schaeffer's infantry and Mohr's cavalry get a new front step. Splenyi's brigade gets an extra third step.

Austrian Reserve: Four counters get new 1st steps. Note: these steps are not marked by the '=' symbol as these units have the grenadier symbol, but are treated in the same fashion, i.e., these are now 3-step units.

Konstantin: Added second artillery counter, plus two breakdown counters.

Winzigerode - XIV Corps: three new 2-step units: Adv Guard, Pahlen Cav, Cossacks.

Bennigsen, Austrian 2nd Lt: Added a counter for the Peterwardein Grenzers. (Strength could be argued to be included in the infantry counters but there should be a couple of units since this was really organised as multiple brigades. Main reason I didn't call it "Zechmeister" was that I didn't have the font.)

Docturow: Added a counter for the infantry component of Stroganow's Advance Guard, and the Cossacks.


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