Faculty of Informatics TU Wien EDBT/ICDT 2011

1st International Workshop
on Service-Oriented Data Publishing

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Since the adoption of the first Web Services standard, complex information processing workflows combining data scattered over the Internet have become a routine.

Designing and managing such workflows is impossible without rich interface specifications, accounting for several data concerns as data quality, licensing and pricing, as well as service quality, such as performance, availability and reliability. The importance of such "non-functional" service and data concerns increases dramatically as more competitive services become available online.

From the implementation perspective, the cloud computing paradigm lends itself particularly well to the business needs, providing a cost-efficient way of handling request flows of varying intensity. The examples of data services taking advantage of cloud architectures can be found in such fields as e-science, e-commerce, medicine and insurance.

The workshop intends to become an interdisciplinary event, bringing together the researchers from the areas of Data Management, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud/Grid Computing to examine the interplay between these areas with respect to service-oriented data publishing. The goal is thus to address both "what" and "how" of data publishing, and to gain new insights by contrasting the viewpoints of different research fields, which too often remain separated otherwise.

Topics of Interest

System Demonstrations

Along with technical papers, we invite system demonstrations relevant for the topics of the workshop. Proposals for research prototype demonstrations must showcase novel techniques in data publishing and have connection to service- or grid-oriented architectures.


The workshop proceedings will be published in a joint volume of the ACM Digital Library for EDBT/ICDT 2011 workshops.