Sit-Moon is an European Esprit project (EP25652) started in September 1997, proposed by an european consortium, that consists of a technology provider group and a technology user group. The technology provider group consists of two companies, SIEMENS AG Austria and ROBOTIKER, and two academic institutions, TU-Wien and POLITECNICO Milano. The user group consists of three publishing companies, PAN-Verlag, EDIZIONI San Paolo, ARISTA, and one service company for publishers, EDIT 4. The consortium members represent three different European countries, Austria, Italy, and Spain. SIEMENS AG Austria is the co-ordinator of the project.  
  The technical objectives of SIT-MOON are to provide the publishing industry with a modular multimedia authoring environment suited to multimedia production for on-line (small- and broad-band) and off-line (e.g., CD-ROM, DVD) delivery. It will foster the creative process by providing authors with multimedia authoring tools along with multimedia assets for re-use. The integration of digital media archives into the authoring environment for storage, management, and retrieval of multimedia content is a key issue in the project.