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D-FLAT Debugger

A tool for debugging dynamic programming algorithms on tree decompositions, specified for the D-FLAT framework. The Debugger is developed within the project "Extending the Answer-Set Programming Paradigm to Decomposed Problem Solving".



The D-FLAT Debugger is a tool for visualization and inspection of algorithms specified in D-FLAT. In particular, it features:

The following screenshot illustrates (parts of) the representation of the decomosition (e.g., the bag of decomposition node n2 contains {a,b,c3}), the item tree associated with this node, currently selected item tree nodes and, at the bottom, the solution candidates represented by the selected nodes.

D-FLAT Debugger: Screenshot

Additional information and documentation is available at the D-FLAT project homepage and contained in the DBAI Technical Report dbai-tr-2014-86.pdf.



In order to run the debugger, D-FLAT has to provide machine-readable debugging information. This is achieved by calling D-FLAT with the parameter --output machine. A typical debugger call is of the following format:

./dflat --output machine -p problem.lp < instance.lp | python

In order to reuse the output of D-FLAT for several debugging sessions, one may dump the output to a file:

./dflat --output machine -p problem.lp < instance.lp > dump.dbg
python < dump.dbg


Here we provide releases of the D-FLAT Debugger. D-FLAT itself can be downloaded separately at the D-FLAT System page.

Latest version:

Previous releases:

Last updated: 2014-04-24 14:22

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