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Project: Extending the Answer-Set Programming Paradigm to Decomposed Problem Solving

(funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under grant P25607)

This page contains the news archive for the D-FLAT project.

News Archive

PhD thesis nominated for award of the German Informatics Society

2018-05-06 to 2018-05-09
GI Dissertationspreis 2017

Team member Bernhard Bliem attended a colloquium at Schloss Dagstuhl as one of the nominees for the dissertation award of the German Informatics Society (GI). There he presented his PhD thesis, which builds upon the work for the D-FLAT project.

Release of D-FLAT version 1.2.5 including user manual


Version 1.2.5 of the D-FLAT system is now available at our system page. We published a detailed manual of the system in a technical report.

PhD defense


Team member Michael Abseher successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

Invited talk at STAIRS 2016

Stefan Woltran showing practical methods for dynamic programming on tree decompositions

Stefan Woltran, invited speaker at STAIRS 2016 (co-located with ECAI 2016), gave a talk on Dynamic Programming on Tree Decompositions in Practice.

Talk abstract and STAIRS'16 schedule are available here. You can download the complete set of slides here.

Paper accepted at IJCAI 2016


We happy to announce that our paper ASP for Anytime Dynamic Programming on Tree Decompositions has been accepted at IJCAI 2016. In that paper we show how systems such as D-FLAT can be extended with a lazy evaluation technique, which increases performance and, for optimization problems, allows the user to abort execution and obtain the best solution found so far.

An extended abstract of this work has been presented at the 39th German Conference on AI (KI 2016).

Release of D-FLAT version 1.2.0


Version 1.2.0 of the D-FLAT system is now available at our system page along with a list of changes and documentation.

Invited talk at SYNASC 2015


Stefan Woltran will give a talk

at the 17th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing, held from Sep. 21 to Sep. 24, 2015 at the West University of Timisoara, Romania. The abstract is available here.

Update 2015-10-09: The slides are now available.

Tree Decompositions and Machine Learning


We are happy to announce that our paper

was accepted for presentation at this year's IJCAI conference. Our results help to reduce the overall computation time when applying dynamic programming techniques on tree decompositions.

School on Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity 2014

2014-08-17 to 2014-08-22
School on Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity 2014

Team members attended the School on Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity 2014 in Będlewo, Poland.

Talks covered a broad range of interesting topics, including FPT, W[1]-hardness, kernelization, ETH and treewidth. Schedule and slides are available here.

VSL'14 Presentations at LaSh and ASPOCP

2014-07-18 and 2014-07-23
Vienna Summer of Logic 2014

The Vienna Summer of Logic (VSL) was the largest event in the history of logic. Team members contributed to this unique event by presenting our latest results on D-FLAT at LaSh'14, and research on "Secure Sets" at ASPOCP'14.

We were inspired by the positive feedback and suggestions for future research as well as numerous talks given by researchers from all over the world.

D-FLAT 1.0.0 and D-FLAT Debugger available


We are happy to announce the release of D-FLAT 1.0.0 and the D-FLAT Debugger. Detailed documentation is published in a DBAI Technical Report [pdf], including a system overview, example encodings, and a description of the debugging tool.

Visit to RWTH Aachen

2014-02-09 to 2014-02-11

Project staff members Stefan Woltran and Bernhard Bliem have visited the Theory Group at the RWTH Aachen led by Peter Rossmanith. We'd like to thank the group for the inspiring discussions about dynamic programming on tree decompositions.

Visit to Univerity of Potsdam and Technical University of Berlin

2013-11-26 to 2013-11-29
Visit to Potsdam 2013

The D-FLAT team visited the group of Torsten Schaub (University of Potsdam) and the group of Rolf Niedermeier (Technical University of Berlin).

Advances in the development of the D-FLAT system, dynamic programming algorithms and applications of D-FLAT in the area of bio informatics were discussed. Thanks to our project partners for their great feedback and the fruitful discussion!

Master's thesis award of the city of Vienna


Staff members Bernhard Bliem and Frederico Dusberger were awarded the master's thesis award of the city of Vienna for outstanding master's theses.

IPEC 2013 paper online


You can find our paper, accepted at IPEC 2013, in the publications section.

New team member


Frederico Dusberger has joined our project team.

"Distinguished Young Alumnus Award"


Staff member Bernhard Bliem was awarded the "Distinguished Young Alumnus Award" for outstanding master's theses by the faculty of computer science at Vienna University of Technology.

Project started


The project has officially started on 2013-06-01 and will have a duration of three years.

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