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ASPARTIX for Bipolar AFs


The extensions of BAFs can be obtained with the following encoding.

Input Format

BAFs are encoded by a sequence of statements that either encode an argument, an attack, or a support.

arg(a). ... a is an argument att(a,b). ... a attacks b support(a,b). ... a supports b

For instance consider the encoding of an example from [Cayrol and Lagasquie-Schiex].

% Example 4 from "On the Acceptability of Arguments in BAF's" (Cayrol, % Lagasquie-Schiex) baf. % info that we have a BAF % extensions %d_adm. % d-admissible (Dung) %s_adm. % to compute s-admissible extensions (safe). %c_adm. % c-admissible (closed). %closed. %comp. % to compute complete extensions. %ground. % to compute the grounded extension. %safe. %stable. % to compute stable extensions. d_prefex. % to compute d-preferred extensions. %s_prefex. % to compute s-preferred extensions. %c_prefex. % to compute c-preferred extensions. arg(a1). arg(a2). arg(b). arg(c). arg(h). %arg(a3). att(a1,c). att(h,b). support(a1,a2). support(a2,b). support(h,c).


Main References

[8] Answer-Set Programming Encodings for Argumentation Frameworks.
Uwe Egly, Sarah Gaggl, and Stefan Woltran.
In Argument and Computation, 1(2): 147 - 177 (2010).[ bib |pdf]
[4] Solving Argumentation Frameworks using Answer Set Programming.
Sarah Gaggl.
Masters Thesis, Technische Universität Wien, 2009 [.pdf ]
more system-related references

Some References for BAFs

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