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GrappaVis -
   A System For Advanced Graphical Argumentation Formalisms

Welcome to the system page of GrappaVis, the tool for specifying and evaluating GRAPPA and ADF instances.



GrappaVis is a graphical tool to specify GRAPPA and ADF-instances, evaluate them and visualize the results of the evaluation. GrappaVis itself is a JAVA-application based on the JGraphX framework and therefore provides intuitive tools to draw GRAPPA/ ADF instances. For the evaluation it makes use of two different types of ASP-encodings.


We provide a bundled archive for GrappaVis which includes a executable jar file of GrappaVis and all required packages as well as the static encoding for the evaluation. The bundle also includes a simple example of a GRAPPA-instance. The static encoding is also provided in a separate archive.

Bundled Archive

Static Encodings


GrappaVis requires a default JAVA installation. For evaluation Grappavis requires an ASP solver supporting clingo syntax (see potassco). How GrappaVis calls the ASP-solver is defined in the file "" (within the bundle).

Running GrappaVis

After downloading the bundled archive, unpack it to an convenient folder. To start GrappaVis double-click on grappaVis.jar or call it from the command-line by typing:

java -jar grappaVis.jar


People involved in the development of GrappaVis:

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