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We here make available dAceRules, a prototype of an extension of the system AceRules, that also handles defeasible rules.



Webpage online

dAceRules webpage is online. You can download dAceRules version 0.0.0 below.


dAceRules is a java script that, together with the system AceRules and the encodings defeasible-rules, enables knowledge bases consisting of strict and defeasible rules written in the controlled natural language ACE to be evaluated using an argumentation-based semantics. See the references below for more information.


Please see the "README-dAceRules.txt" file in the folder "AceRules-master/engine" for information on running dAceRules. See the folder "examples-defeasible" for examples. The folders in question are part of the package in the download link below.


Version 0.0.0 of dAceRules, together with most of the necessary components to run the script, can be downloaded here: dAceRules version 0.0.0


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[1] Defeasible AceRules: A Prototype
Martin Diller, Adam Z. Wyner, and Hannes Strass.
Proceedings of IWCS 2017.


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