Inserting an evaluated FUZZYVAR in a EVALTREE structure can be achieved by the statement

AGGREGATE Branch_Name ConcatOperator FuzzyVar Comment

where Branch_Name is the name of the branch of EVALTREE to which the FUZZYVAR FuzzyVar should be aggregated using a ConcatOperator out of {AND, OR}. Comment is a userdefinable string that is not allowed to include spaces. According to the example in section 7.5.8 such a statement could be:

FUZZYVAR Cap_Constraint1 My_parameterset

FUZZYVAR DueDate_Constraint1 My_parameterset

FUZZYVAR Comp_Constraint1 My_parameterset

FUZZYCOMPARE Cap_Constraint1 IS ...

FUZZYCOMPARE DueDate_Constraint1 IS ...

FUZZYCOMPARE Comp_Constraint1 IS ...

EVAL Cap_Constraint1

EVAL DueDate_Constraint1

EVAL Comp_Constraint1

/* Do the same for all other constraints ... */

/* Add the evaluated nodes to EVALTREE */

AGGREGATE All_Capacity OR Cap_Constraint1 no_comment

AGGREGATE All_DueDate AND DueDate_Constraint1 no_comment

AGGREGATE All_Capacity AND Cap_Constraint1 no_comment

/* Do the same for all other constraints ... */

In this example, Cap_Constraint1 is inserted by the conjunction OR in the branch All_Capacity. In the same step the node All_Capacity with a respective new evaluation is aggregated to the root node Quality_of_plan by disjunction. After insertion of some farther FUZZYVAR objects, the resulting EVALTREE structure for the example started in 7.5.9 could be the following one:

/* #: 3 */

Branch: Quality_of_plan Crisp value: 24.4836

--------------------<End of branch: Quality_of_plan>

Branch: All_Capacity Crisp value: 50

/* #: 6 */

Cap_Constraint1 no_comment 51.9002

Cap_Constraint2 no_comment 23.7656

Cap_Constraint3 no_comment 33.2249

Cap_Constraint4 no_comment 39.1101

Cap_Constraint5 no_comment 46.2728

Cap_Constraint6 no_comment 52.6279

--------------------<End of branch: All_Capacity >

Branch: All_DueDate Crisp value: 22.067

/* #: 7 */

DueDate_Constraint1 no_comment 11.5385

DueDate_Constraint2 no_comment 50

DueDate_Constraint3 no_comment 42.8542

DueDate_Constraint4 no_comment 18.3544

DueDate_Constraint5 no_comment 22.067

DueDate_Constraint6 no_comment 88.4615

DueDate_Constraint7 no_comment 42.147

--------------------<End of branch: All_DueDate >

Branch: All_Compatibility Crisp value: 24.0933

/* #: 3 */

Comp_Constraint1 no_comment 50

Comp_Constraint2 no_comment 79.8842

Comp_Constraint3 no_comment 11.5385

--------------------<End of branch: All_Compatibility >

The results stored in this structure could further be used , e.g. by intelligent schedulers, to make configuration changes on the plan in order to eliminate bad evaluations and to achieve a higher overall evaluation score. A detailed example can be found in 7.7. To visualize the concept of EVALTREE and AGGREGATE, we give a more graphical representation of the example we have introduced in this section: