7.5 Fuzzy Computation

In this section we will discuss the fuzzy computation constructions of CSI(C&F). All fuzzy functionality of CSI(C&F) is achieved by the mapping of most CSI(C&F) fuzzy constructions to FLIP++ or DynaFLIP++ objects and methods. We will briefly line out the relations of these two worlds by giving a list of corresponding objects of CSI(C&F) and FLIP++:


FUZZYVAR class CombinedVariable (flipcvar.h and flipcvar.cpp)

PARAMETERSET class ParameterSet (flippara.h and flippara.cpp)

OPERATORSET class OperatorSet (flipoper.h and flipoper.cpp)

RULESET class RuleSet (fliprule.h and fliprule.cpp)

FUZZYCOMPARE - (dynaflip.h and dynaflip.cc)

FUZZYCONCAT - (dynaflip.h and dynaflip.cc)

TABLE - (dynaflip.h and dynaflip.cc)

EVALTREE class TEvalTree (evaltree.h and evaltree.cpp)

AGGREGATE - (dynaflip.h and dynaflip.cc)

In the following sections all these objects will be treated in more detail.