1st Call For Abstracts for YOR 13 Metaheuristic stream

From: Eric Soubeiga (exs@cs.nott.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 07:25:28 MEST

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    13th Young Operational Research Conference, YOR 13
                  Metaheuristic stream
    1-3 April 2003, University of Bath, United Kingdom
    (apologies for multiple postings and cross postings)

    The series of YOR conferences is a well-established biannual event
    organised by the UK Operational Research Society (ORSOC). A stream on
    metaheuristics will be organised during the 13th Young Operational
    Research Conference, YOR 13 to be held during 1-3 April 2003 at the
    University of Bath (UK).

    This will serve as a forum for Young operational researchers (people
    with less than 10 years experience in the field of operational research)
    who work in the field of metaheuristics.

    Young scientists, engineers, and practitioners are particularly
    encouraged to submit an abstract of up to 200 words related to their
    latest research, results, ideas, developments, and applications in all
    areas of metaheuristics.

    Abstracts should be submitted via the internet on
    http://www.orsoc.org.uk (look on the left for the link to conferences).
    Abstracts should not contain mathematical symbols, graphs, tables or
    references. The abstract should state if the paper is theoretical,
    practical, or a mix of the two. It should indicate important
    methodological information and major results.
    Accepted abstracts will appear in the conference handbook and the
    author(s) will be asked to give a 20 minute-presentation (+ 5 minutes
    for questions).
    Note that it is not necessary for authors of accepted abstracts to
    produce papers as such. Contributors may wish to distribute printed
    material, but they must produce and organise this themselves.

    An overhead projector will be available for presenters. Any other
    materials required should be requested on submission of abstracts.
    All contributors should book for the conference by 31 January 2001,
    thereby ensuring their talk will appear in the final programme.
    Conference fees will be published with the Invitation Programme.

    The evaluation of submitted abstracts is based on the importance and
    usefulness of the research topic. Technical merits, novelty of the
    approach, soundness of results, and clarity of presentation are also
    considered as factors of the evaluation process.

    Submission of abstracts: till 31 december 2002 (http://www.orsoc.org.uk)
    Notification of acceptance: 31 January 2003
    Booking of conference place: by 31 January 2003
    Conference period: 1-3 April 2003

    Direct all enquiries related to the metaheuristic stream to:
    Mr. Eric Soubeiga
    Metaheuristic Stream Organiser
    School of Computer Science and I.T.
    University of Nottingham NG8 1BB
    United Kingdom.
    email: exs@cs.nott.ac.uk

    Visit the UK Operational Research Society web site
    or contact Operational Research Society,
    Seymour House, 12 Edward Street
    Birmingham, B1 2RX, UK
    Tel: + 44 (0) 121 233 9300
    Fax: + 44 (0) 121 233 0321

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