SECOND AND FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS: Staff Scheduling and Rostering:

Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 13:28:49 MEST

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    Staff Scheduling and Rostering: Theory and Applications

    A special issue of Annals of Operations Research

    The principal aim of this issue is to report recent advances of
    theory and applications and to provide comprehensive reviews in
    the area of staff scheduling and rostering.

    The terms staff scheduling and rostering are both used in the
    literature to refer to the processes involved in linking staff
    to duties. Which term is used can depend on the application area
    or perhaps the country of origin of the authors. It may be possible
    to draw a fine distinction between the terms -- a roster being a
    list of people who have been assigned to certain duties, and a
    staff schedule being a list of actions or tasks to which certain
    people have been assigned -- however the degree of overlap in
    meaning is substantial. For the purpose of this call for papers
    we shall take the terms to be synonymous.

    This special issue will be devoted to recent advances in the area
    of staff scheduling. We also aim to carry high quality reviews on
    a few topics related to staff scheduling. Original research papers
    of theoretical and computational orientation will be greatly
    appreciated. Articles dealing with real-world practice will be
    particularly encouraged.


    Possible topics for papers submitted to this special issue include
    but are not limited to:
      * Crew scheduling in airlines, railways, mass transit systems, and
      * Nurse, clinician and ancilliary staff rostering in health systems.
      * Call centre operator scheduling.
      * Rostering in emergency services such as police, ambulance and fire
      * Scheduling of retail staff in department stores, supermarkets,
        franchise chains, and others.
      * Rostering security guards.
      * General personnel rostering such as post offices, ground staff at
        airports, hotel staff, and maintenance staff.
      * Days-off, shift, and tour scheduling.
      * Stochastic staff scheduling.
      * Forecasting of demand for services (such as in call centres).
      * Determination of staff requirements.
      * Leave planning.
      * Software survey (for a number of products).
      * The application of different solution techniques such as heuristics,
        meta-heuristics, column generation, mathematical modelling and
        simulation to crew scheduling applications.
      * Other relevant applications and techniques.


    All papers will be subject to a thorough and stringent refereeing
    process, in accordance with the usual high standards of the Annals of
    Operations Research.


    Authors of original manuscripts are invited to submit their papers
    electronically by email to any or all of the Guest Editors listed
    below, in either postscript or pdf format. Alternatively, 4 hard
    copies may be mailed to any one of the Guest Editors.

    To be considered for this publication, papers must be received by

         Wednesday 31 July 2002.

    All papers must be written in English, and should not be simultaneously
    submitted to any other refereed publication.


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    CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
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    David Sier
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