PLANET summer school on AI planning: Sept 16-22 2002

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Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 11:28:34 MEST

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            PLANET International Summer School on AI Planning 2002

                            September 16-22, 2002
                              Halkidiki, Greece


    The previous PLANET Summer School on AI Planning in 2000 was a great
    success. It said

            Domain independent planning is a thriving area of research in
            both Europe and the US, encompassing an increasingly diverse
            range of techniques and approaches. Although domain
            independent planning has been a lively area of academic
            research for many years, the resulting technology has had few
            large scale applications in the industrial and commercial
            sectors. An important barrier to their use has been the need
            to acquire planning expertise before it is possible to be an
            effective user.

    That remains true, so in 2002 there will be another summer school,
    similar in structure but covering different topics from all parts of

            Lecturers and Topics in 2002

    Michael Beetz (University of Munich, Germany)
            Planning and robotics

    Susanne Biundo (University of Ulm, Germany)
            Planning history and Overview

    Craig Boutilier (University of Toronto, Canada)
            Planning in Nondeterministic Domains

    Brian Drabble (CIRL, University of Oregon, USA)
            Scheduling and planning

    Maria Fox (University of Durham, UK)
            Planners Performance Evaluation

    Craig Knoblock (Information Sciences Institute, USA)
            Planning and the Web

    Philippe Laborie (ILOG, France)
            Planning with resources

    Martha Pollack (University of Michigan, USA)
            Planning and execution

    Cost: 225 euros for registration and accommodation

    For information about how to apply, go to

    Organizing Committee

            Susanne Biundo(University of Ulm, Germany)
            Enrico Giunchiglia (University of Genoa, Italy)
            Sam Steel (University of Essex, UK)
    Local arrangements
            Ioannis Refanidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
            Ioannis Vlahavas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

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