CP-AI-OR 2002: call for papers

Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 16:58:51 MET DST

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    CP-AI-OR 2002:
    Fourth International Workshop on Integration of AI and OR techniques in
    Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems

    Le Croisic, march 25th -27th 2002

    Call for Papers

    The integration of techniques from AI and OR has shown in the past years how
    it improves algorithm quality for tackling complex and large scale
    combinatorial problems, especially in terms of efficiency, scaleability and
    optimality. The value of this integration has been shown in applications
    such as hoist scheduling, rostering, dynamic scheduling and vehicle routing.

    At the programming/modelling level, most constraint languages embed OR
    techniques to reason about collections of constraints, so-called global
    constraints. A few also provide support for hybridization allowing the
    programmer to build new integrated algorithms. The resulting multi-paradigm
    programming framework combines the flexibility and modelling facilities of
    constraint programming with the special purpose and efficient methods from
    Operations Research.
    The CP-AI-OR workshop is becoming a major forum for exchanging ideas and
    methodologies from both fields, as demonstrated by its success in Ferrara in
    1999, in Paderborn in 2000, and in Ashford in 2001. Its aim is to bring
    together interested researchers from AI and OR, and to give them the
    opportunity to show how the integration of techniques from AI and OR can
    lead to interesting results on large scale and complex problems. We
    explicitly welcome new ideas and methods for integrating OR and AI
    techniques that have arisen from real-world applications.
    The workshop is organized by the Ecole des Mines de Nantes and will take
    place in Le Croisic, a typical village of Brittany the western part of
    France, close to Nantes.

    Workshop Organizers
    Narendra Jussien, École des Mines de Nantes, Narendra.Jussien@emn.fr
    François Laburthe, Bouygues e-lab, France flaburthe@bouygues.com

    The workshop invites submissions related to the following topics:
            * Integration of constraint handling methods, eg:
                            o Constraint propagation
                            o Constraint rewriting
                            o Cutting planes
                            o Reduced costs
                            o Global constraints
                            o Graph algorithms
                            o Dynamic programming
                            o Lagrangean and convex relaxations
            * Integration of search and solving methods, eg:
                            o Branch and bound
                            o Heuristic/iterative repair
                            o Nogoods and Intelligent backtracking
                            o Incomplete search
                            o Randomized search
                            o Column generation
                            o Local search
                            o Meta-heuristics
            * Forms of integration, eg:
                            o Static/dynamic problem decomposition
                            o Single model, multiple solving methods
                            o Multiple models, multiple solving methods
                            o Linking variables and constraints in
    different solvers
                            o Transformations between models and solvers
                            o Methods using information derived by other
    solving methods
                            o Collaboration between concurrent methods
            * Problems, modelling, and applications.

    Submission Guidelines
    The final deadline for paper submissions is December 14th, 2001.
    Papers should not exceed 15 pages. The title page should include the name,
    address, telephone number, and electronic mailing address for each author,
    as well as a list of keywords. A contact author should also be provided.
    Submissions should be made electronically, either in postscript or PDF

    Important Dates for Authors
            * 14 Dec 2001 -- Deadline for paper submissions.
            * 1 Feb 2002 -- Notification of acceptance.
            * 1 March 2002 -- Final paper due.
            * 25-27 March 2002 -- CP-AI-OR'02.

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