GECCO Evolutionary Scheduling and Routing

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Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 11:45:13 MET DST

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                Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

              Special Track on Evolutionary Scheduling and Routing

                               CALL FOR PAPERS

        A Recombination of the International Conference on Genetic Algorithms
     (ICGA-2002) and the Seventh Annual Genetic Programming Conference (GP-2002)

                    Tuesday 9th July 9- Saturday 13th July, 2002
                            New York City, NY USA


    The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2002) will
    present the latest high-quality results in the growing field of
    genetic and evolutionary computation. GECCO-2002 continues the
    tradition of bringing together researchers from the entire spectrum of
    research in genetic and evolutionary computation, including genetic
    algorithms; classifier systems; genetic programming; evolvable
    hardware; DNA and molecular computing; evolutionary strategies;
    evolutionary programming; evolutionary scheduling and routing; artificial life,
    adaptive behavior, agents, and ant colony optimization; as well as
    real-world applications of all of these areas.

    The "Evolutionary Scheduling and Routing" Special Track welcomes papers
    that include (but are not limited) to the following themes:

            o Scheduling Problems and Applications

            o Meta-heuristic Approaches to Scheduling and Routing Problems

            o Vehicle Routing

            o Travelling Salesman and Related Problems

    Complete submission instructions can be found at:

    Eight(8) paper copies of each submitted paper should ARRIVE
    (at the address below) by WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23,2002.

    The address is GECCO-2002, c/o AAAI, 445
    Burgess Drive, MenloPark, CA 94025, USA. Phone 650-328-3123.

            Special Programme Committee on Evolutionary Scheduling and Routing

    Edmund Burke (Chair) University of Nottingham UK
    Emile Aarts Philips Laboratories The Netherlands
    Michael Bender State University of New York USA
    Jacek Blazewicz Poznan University of Technology Poland
    Peter Brucker University of Osnabruck Germany
    Xiaoquiang Cai The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
    Peter Cowling University of Nottingham UK
    Kathryn Dowsland Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd. UK
    Kalyanmoy Deb Indian Institute of Technology India
    Peter Fleming University of Sheffield UK
    Michel Gendreau Universite de Montreal Canada
    Jens Gottileb SAP AG Germany
    Jeffrey W. Herrmann University of Maryland USA
    Gilbert Laporte Universite de Montreal Canada
    Jesper Larsen Technical University of Denmark Denmark
    Claude Le Pape ILOG France
    Dirk Mattfeld University of Bremen Germany
    Zbigniew Michalewicz University of North Carolina USA
    Martin Middendorf Catholic University of Eichstatt Germany
    David Montana BBN Tecnologies USA
    Bryan Norman University of Pittsburgh USA
    Wim Nuijten ILOG France
    I.H.Osman American University of Beirut Lebanon
    Ben Paechter Napier University UK
    Marie-Claude Portman Ecole des Mines des Nancy France
    Jean-Yves Potvin Universite de Montreal Canada
    Sanja Petrovic University of Nottingham UK
    Victor Rayward-Smith UEA UK
    Colin Reeves Coventry University UK
    Gil Syswerda I2 Technologies USA
    Javier Alcaraz Soria Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Spain
    Paolo Toth University of Bologna Italy
    Michael Trick Carnegie Mellon University USA
    Edward Tsang Essex University UK
    Sam Thangiah Slippery Rock University USA
    Jean-Paul Watson Colorado State University USA

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