ECP01 Planning & Web Workshop (Deadline Extended to Aug 3rd)

From: Alfredo Milani (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 02:00:25 MET DST

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    ECP01- Workshop on Planning&Scheduling in New Methods of Electronic,
                                              Mobile and Collaborative Work
    HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO Fri August 3rd

    The workshop will be held in conjuction with the
    5th European Conference on Planning, ECP-01, Toledo, Spain September 12-14,2001

    * European Conference on Planning ECP-01 *
    * Workshop on *
    * "Automated Planning and Scheduling Technologies in *
    * New Methods of Electronic, Mobile and Collaborative Work" *
    * September 11th, 2001, Toledo (Spain) *

     EXTENDED DEADLINE: 3rd Aug 2001
     FORMAT: max 5000 words, (gzip/winzip) COMPRESSED postscript,
            pdf or word formats
     PROCEEDINGS: Workshop Proceedings will be available for participants and
                 selected contributions will be published in a special
                 of PLANET Newsletter
     WORKSHOP DATE: September 11th, 2001, Toledo, Spain (co-located with ECP-01)
        ECP-01 Conference Website
        ECP-01 Workshop Website:


    The field of artificial intelligence planning and scheduling
    could provide the technology to increase the autonomy of systems
    by making them more flexible, robust, and adaptive.
    Planning and scheduling technology is relevant to many aspects of
    system-supported synthesis, execution, and monitoring of courses
    of actions, activities, and tasks. With that it is central to a
    variety of processes in most enterprises and organisations.
    The technology has a particular impact in view of the emerging
    electronic markets and the new associated business processes.
    In particular, it can fruitfully contribute to manage the
    complexity and the flexibility issues posed by Web applications and
    mobile and collaborative work via the Web.
    The fast evolution of Web applications has lead to a broad notion
    of e-tasks, including but not limited to e-commerce, where the
    relevant topics are reliability, flexibility, adaptation, automation
    of activities in the unpredictable, dynamical and time bounded Web
    environment. Applications such as supply chain management or other
    multistage Web transactions reinforce the need for increasingly
    autonomous and flexible systems. This includes the construction
    and operation of adaptive Web sites, the planning and scheduling
    of complex Web transactions as well as their monitoring.

    The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss in a working and
    collaborative atmosphere current results and perspectives for
    planning and scheduling technologies in new methods of work, in
    particular through the exploitation of e-commerce/e-work and the
    Internet, and through new modes of mobile and collaborative working.
    In this context, examples of topics of interest for the workshop
    are (but not limited to):

     -models, languages and integration issues for planning and scheduling
       on the Web
     -Web-based collaborative work
     -user interface and other issues relating to mobile planning and
     -planning models for online interaction, user monitoring,
     -process management and workflow
     -distance learning, online education, e-learning
     -information gathering
     -automatic and adaptive generation/maintenance of Web resources
     -supply chain management
     -mixed-initiative planning and scheduling for Web applications

    The workshop is organized in conjunction with ECP-01 (6th European Conference
    in Planning ) and sponsored by PLANET, The European Network of Excellence in
    Planning (

                               SUBMISSIONS & FORMAT
    PAPER LENGTH: Papers should be a maximum of 5000 words
    SUBMIT: only by email to Alfredo Milani at
            by August 3rd 2001 at the latest,
    ACCEPTED FORMATS: (gzip/winzip) COMPRESSED postscript, pdf or word formats.

    All submissions will be reviewed by at least two referees and
    the referees' decision will be conveyed to the first author by August 18th.
    Final electronic versions of papers will be expected by September 4th
    at the latest, and will be placed on the Web.

    Accepted contributors will be expected to present their paper at the workshop

                                  WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS
    Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings which will be
    made available to workshop participants.
    Selected workshop contributions will be published in a special issue of
    the PLANET Newsletter.

                                   ORGANISING COMMITTEE
      Ricardo Aler Mur, (Local Arrangements) University Carlos III de Madrid,Spain)
      Lee McCluskey (Co-Chair) University of Huddersfield,
      Alfredo Milani (Co-Chair) University of Perugia
           fax +39-075-585.5024

                                  PROGAMME COMMITTEE
    Jose Luis Ambite (ISI, University of Southern California, USA)
    Ruth Aylett (University of Salford, UK)
    Susanne Biundo (University of Ulm, Germany)
    Daniel Borrajo (University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
    David Camacho (University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
    Luis Castillo (University of Granada, Spain)
    Tim Grant (Atos Origin, The Netherlands)
    Angelo Oddi (IP-CNR, Italy)

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