CFP: CP2001 Workshops

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Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 20:25:26 MET DST

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                            CP'01 Workshop program

    You'll find below a concise description of all CP'01 workshops. For
    more information, please follow the links to each workshop page. See

    Two non overlapping 1/2 day workshops

                              Third Workshop on
             Modelling and Solving Problems with Soft Constraints

          Topic: theoretical and practical issues raised by soft constraints

          Contact: Javier Larrosa (
                     Constraints and Uncertainty Workshop

          Topic: modelling and handling uncertainty in constraint problems
                 (including dynamic issues)
          Contact: Ken Brown (

    Two other non overlapping 1/2 day workshops

                      Modelling and Problem Formulation

          Topic: problem formulation, i.e, the representation of problem
                 entities as variables and values of a CSP
          Contact: Patrick Prosser (
                           Symmetry in Constraints

          Topic: analysis and development of techniques to detect and
                 exploit symmetry in constraint satisfaction problems.
          Contact: Justin Pearson (

    One day workshops
       On-Line combinatorial problem solving and Constraint Programming

          Topic: methods and tools allowing to deal with space/time
                 operational constraints for on-line resolution.
          Contacts: Juliette Mattioli (
                      Simon de Givry (
                             Musical Constraints

          Topic: works dealing with constraint programming applied to music.

          Contact: Charlotte Truchet (
             Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint and LOgic
                             Programming Systems.

          Topic: design, implementation, and optimization of logic and
                 constraint programming systems
          Contact: Enrico Pontelli (
            Third Workshop on Rule-based Constraint Reasoning and

          Topic: using rule-based formalisms in constraint reasoning and
          Contact: Slim Abdennadher (

                International Workshop on User-Interaction in
                           Constraint Satisfaction

          Topic: technical issues associated with supporting user
                 interaction for constraint-based applications, languages
                 or environments.
          Contact: Barry O'Sullivan (
          Workshop on Cooperative Solvers in Constraint Programming

          Topic: all aspects (theory, specific cooperations, systems and
                 applications) of cooperative solving processes.
          Contact: Eric Monfroy (


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