PLANET Information Day

Subject: PLANET Information Day
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 13:29:26 MET DST

PLANET EU Network of Excellence in Intelligent Planning and Scheduling

Intelligent Planning

Sponsored by the IEE and BCS Specialist Group on Expert Systems

Manchester, 9.30-16.30 Monday June 19th 2000

This Open Information Day introduces the new technologies of Intelligent
Planning and Scheduling. Lower costs, reduced production times and
increased flexibility in today's more volatile environment are some of
its benefits. Hear how it can be applied to areas such as aircraft
scheduling, plant control, workflow planning, space applications and
many others. Speakers from industry and academia will give an overview
of the technology, demonstrate its applications and show how it
contributes to responsiveness, profitability and increased

PLANET is a coordinating organisation for European research and
development in the field of Artificial Intelligence Planning and
Scheduling. It promotes the transfer of these leading-edge technologies
- which are giving a number of large US organisations competitive
advantage - into European industry. Don't miss out - see how your
organisation can benefit.


Abdennour El Rhalibi, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
There on time - intelligent scheduling and transport logistics

John Spragg, BT Technology
Rolling schedulers -- building schedulers with relevance for the real
Roberto Desimone, DERA, UK
Case studies in applying AI planning and scheduling technology to
military and civil applications

Luis Castillo, University of Granada, Spain
Generating operating procedures and plant control sequences

Malik Ghallab, LAAS, Toulouse, France
Intelligent Automation

Tim Grant, Origin, Technical Automation/Advanced Technology Solutions,
Applying AI Planning Techniques in Just-In-Time Training for Astronauts

Philippe Gerard, IC-Park, Imperial College, UK
Dispatching resources to taks in real-time

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PLANET is a Network of Excellence funded by Esprit the European
Information Technologies Programme. PLANET started on October 1st 1998
and currently comprises 53 nodes from 12 European countries. They
represent leading universities, research centres, and industrial


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