Call for Proposals: NASA P&S 2002

Subject: Call for Proposals: NASA P&S 2002
From: Kanna Rajan (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 14:31:06 MET DST

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                        Call for Proposals
                           to host the
                3rd NASA International Planning/Scheduling Workshop.

The Executive Committee of the NASA Planning and Scheduling Workshop
is soliciting proposals for hosting the next workshop in 2002. There
is no set format for the proposal, but potential applicants should
address the following questions:

   o Organizers and organizational structure.
        -Structure and participants in managing the technical program
         (paper review, panels, invited speakers, etc.)

        -How will researchers and technologists be engaged and made
         aware of the event?

        -How will the space operations community be engaged?

     Relevant prior experience of the potential organizers in each of these
     prior areas would greatly add weight to the proposal.

   o Details of the venue and accommodations available to
     delegates. In particular:

        -what previous events have taken place at this site?
        -which conference management service will be used (if at all)?
        -what is their previous record in hosting events of this size?

   o A timetable for publicity and organization with regard to paper
     submissions, reviews and acceptance.
   o List of potential invited speakers.
   o Additional events, e.g. demonstrations, visits, etc.
   o An outline budget of the the event.
   o List of potential sponsors and support organizations.

Proposers are expected to have received prior approval from their
respective organizations to host the event (including authorization
for advance financial obligations).

Proposals to host NASA P&S 2002 should be addressed to Kanna Rajan and
sent to the address below (electronic submissions in PDF are strongly
encouraged). The due date is Aug 31st, 2000.

The Executive will 'meet' virtually via email/web and discuss the
merits of any proposal received. A decision will be made by Oct 31st,
2000 and conveyed to the winning proposers. The executive committee
will recommend to the proposers names of the members of the technical
program committee, which will be non-binding. The program and
organizing committee structures should be in place an year before the
actual workshop; names of the members will need to be submitted to the
executive committee for informational purposes, at that time.

Contact Information

               Kanna Rajan
               MS 269-2 NASA Ames Research Center
               Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
               Tel (650) 604-0573
                   (650) 604-3594 (fax)

NASA P&S Executive Committee Members:

Matt Barry United Space Alliance
Eric Bornschlegl ESA/ESTSC, Noordwijk, NL
Amedeo Cesta Nat. Res. Council, IT
Steve Chien JPL
Paul Hempel NASA Goddard
Larry Kramer STSci, Baltimore
Mario Merri ESA/ESOC, Darmstadt, DE
Henry Murray NASA Goddard
Nicola Muscetolla NASA Ames
Shinichi Nakasuka Univ. of Tokyo
Kanna Rajan NASA Ames (Chair)
Gerard Verfaillie ONERA/CERT, France

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