EUROFUSE workshop on Scheduling and Planning: preliminary program

Subject: EUROFUSE workshop on Scheduling and Planning: preliminary program
From: Fortemps Philippe (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 20:36:18 MET



Welcome to the preliminary program of the

                EUROFUSE Workshop on Scheduling and Planning

                March 31 - April 1, 2000, Mons, Belgium


the first specialized workshop organized by the EUROFUSE working

These are working days dedicated to fuzzy techniques in scheduling
and planning. This kind of workshop is organized around

- four invited lectures (one-hour talk followed by discussion)

  given by prominent researchers and covering a broad range of


- a small number of papers (25-minute talks followed by discussion)
  presenting recent results.

The wish of the organizers is that people attending to this workshop
could start working together. Therefore, the main particularity of
such a workshop is that each presentation, invited lecture or
submitted paper, will be followed by an extended discussion.

At the end of the workshop, a friendly farewell party will be
organized around some Belgian specialities...

See you soon in Mons,



You can find the registration form as well as other details at


This workshop will follow the Belgium/Fuzzy workshop (29-30 March,
same location).



EUROFUSE workshop on Scheduling and Planning

Mons, March 31-April 1, 2000

Preliminary version of the Programme

Friday 31 March 2000


09:00-09:30 Registration and welcome address

09:30-10:45 Invited lecture (chairman: P. Fortemps)

Handling preference and uncertainty in fuzzy scheduling

D. Dubois (Toulouse, France)

10:45-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:45 Submitted papers session (chairman: R. Slowinski)

-Generalized fuzzy critical path conception for fuzzy network

planning problem

T. Tyshchuk (Donetsk, Ukraine)

-Critical path method in fuzzy environment

S. Chanas - P. Zielinski (Wroclaw, Poland)

-Toward critical path analysis in fuzzy PERT networks

V. Galvagnon - D. Dubois - H. Fargier (Toulouse, France)

12:45-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:45 Invited lecture (chairman: W. Slany)

Multi-objective fuzzy project scheduling in action - Methodology and

software demonstration

M. Hapke - R. Slowinski (Poznan, Poland)


15:45-16:15 Coffee break

16:15-17:30 Submitted papers session (chairman: B. De Baets)

-On some approaches to the single machine scheduling problem with

fuzzy processing times and fuzzy due dates

S. Chanas - A. Kasperski (Wroclaw, Poland)

-Modelling flexibility on due-dates and delays between operation by

fuzzy logic to schedule a 'general flexible job shop'

S. Allet (CELOFA, Mons, Belgium)


Saturday, 1 April 2000


09:00-10:15 Invited lecture (chairman: M. Pirlot)

Constraint propagation in scheduling

P. Esquirol - P. Lopez (Toulouse, France)

10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:45 Submitted papers session (chairman: S. Chanas)

-Scheduling uncertain orders in a custoer-subcontractor context

A. Letouzey - L. Geneste - B. Grabot (Tarbes, France)

-Subtractive clustering based fuzzy modeling of job sequencing

K. Demirli (Montreal, Canada)

-Fuzzy scheduling in an agricultural context

B. De Baets (Gent, Belgium) - Ph. Fortemps (Mons, Belgium)

12:45-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:45 Invited lecture (chairman: D. Dubois)

Manpower shift scheduling

W. Slany (Wien, Austria)

15:45-16:15 Coffee break

16:15-17:30 Submitted papers session (chairman: J. Fodor)

-Proposal of fuzzy stochastic financial optimization model

Z. Zmeskal (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

-Equilibria and maximal elements of abstracts fuzzy economies and

qualitative fuzzy games

S-S Chang - K-K Tan (Sichuan, China)

In the evening, farewell party (some Belgian specialities) !

Mons Institute of Technology (F.P.Ms)
Mathematic & O.R. tel:+32-65-374685
Rue de Houdain, 9 fax:+32-65-374689
B-7000 Mons

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