World Class Optimization Guru openings

Subject: World Class Optimization Guru openings
From: Don Mitchell (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 19:33:58 MET

I have 2 openings for senior optimization architects:

World Class Optimization Guru

     Solid credentials in Constraint Satisfaction, Constraint Programming, LP
Solvers, Optimization and Scheduling algorithms. Implemented a variety of these
algorithms in several different computer languages. Able to apply theoretical
knowledge to the construction of complex programs that work and work
efficiently. Desire to solve real-world problems, not contrived academic ones.
     Strong OO programming and architecture skills: deep C++ required, Java or
another OO language desirable. PhD preferred.

     i2 is the world's most successful advanced planning and scheduling vendor
with dozens of PhD and equivalent optimization architects spanning AI, OR, and
other traditions. We have advanced scheduling systems running 100s of factories
around the world. These openings are in our Cambridge, MA scheduling products

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