CLAIO Mexico City 2000: 2nd Call for Papers

Subject: CLAIO Mexico City 2000: 2nd Call for Papers
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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 05:43:30 MET

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////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // // Call For Papers // // // // X CLAIO // // // // X Latin-Ibero-American Conference // // on Operations Research and Systems // // // // September 4-8, 2000 // // // // Mexico City // // // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

------------------------------------------------------------------ CONFERENCE APPROACH ------------------------------------------------------------------

The CLAIO (Congreso Latino Americano en Investigacion de Operaciones), celebrated every other year in different Latin American cities, is sponsored by the Latin-Ibero-American Association for Operations Research (ALIO). It started in Rio de Janeiro, in 1982, and has alternated since between Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Mexico City. Their main goals are to further the exchange of experiences; to contribute, establish, and deepen ties between researchers and practitioners in the region and to help young undergraduate and graduate students in their professional development.

Next CLAIO will take place in Mexico City, September 4-8, 2000, and will be organized by the Mexican Institute for Operations Research and Systems (IMSIO). Mexico City, the largest city in the world, is modern and cosmopolitan. It is an exciting combination of pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern monuments and architecture, built over the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital.

------------------------------------------------------------------ TOPICS ------------------------------------------------------------------

The conference will focus on the development of Operations Research tools in the following areas, although related work will be welcome as well:

1. Combinatorial Optimization 2. Multi-criteria Optimization 3. Game Theory 4. Simulation 5. Mathematical Programming 6. Heuristics 7. Routing 8. Graph Theory 9. Production Planning 10. Inventory Theory 11. Allocation Theory 12. Nonlinear Programming 13. Integer Programming 14. Location and Logistics 15. Economics and Financial Management 16. Interior Point Methods 17. Network Flows 18. Stochastic Processes 19. Artificial Intelligence 20. Finance Engineering

------------------------------------------------------------------ PROGRAM COMMITTEE ------------------------------------------------------------------

Sira Allende, Cuba Julian Araoz, Venezuela Egon Balas, USA Jaime Barcelo, Spain Hector Cancela Bosi, Uruguay Cid Carvalho de Souza, Brazil Sebastian Ceria, USA Joao Climaco, Brazil Angel Coca Balta, Peru James Cochrane, England Carlos Coello, Mexico Laureano Escudero, Spain Roberto D. Galvao, Brazil Michel Gendreau, Canada Monique Guignard, USA Jose Luis Gonzalez, Mexico John N. Hooker, USA Joaquim Judice, Portugal Manuel Laguna, USA Thomas Liebling, Switzerland Roberto de la Llata, Mexico Irene Loiseau, Argentina Nelson Maculan, Brazil Angel Marin, Spain Silvano Martello, Italy Jose Mario Martinez, Brazil Isabel Mendez, Argentina Jose Luis Morales, Mexico Alfredo Noel Iusem, Brazil Pablo Nuo de la Parra, Mexico Carmen Ortiz, Chile Victor Parada, Chile Gerard Plateau, France Eunice Ponce de Leon, Cuba Lorena Pradenas, Chile Allain Quilliot, France Mauricio Resende, USA Roger Z. Rios, Mexico Catherine Roucairol, France Berc Rustem, England Hugo Scolnik, Argentina Hamdy Taha, USA Federico Trigos, Mexico Maria E. Urquhart, Uruguay Victor Valqui Vidal, Denmark Andres Weintraub, Chile

------------------------------------------------------------------ LANGUAGES ------------------------------------------------------------------

The official languages of the X CLAIO are English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBMISSION OF PAPERS ------------------------------------------------------------------

Authors must submit an extended abstract (4 to 6 pages), including title, authors' name, affiliation, electronic and postal addresses. A short abstract (no more than 100 words) is also required. Extended abstracts must be written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, in WORD with 11 point Arial font, 1.5 cm between lines, and 2.5 cm margins on 21.6 x 27.9 cm pages.

Submissions must be sent by e-mail to MSc. Felipe Maldonado (Chairman of the X CLAIO) at:

The proceedings of the conference will contain extended abstracts of all presented papers. Papers in the proceedings will be reviwed by the program committee, but not refereed.

In addition, authors of selected extended abstracts (by the conference committee) will be invited to submit a full version of the paper to Annals of Operations Research, for its inclusion in a special refereed issue for this conference. A deadline for the full paper submission is October 30, 2000.

------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT DATES ------------------------------------------------------------------

- All contributions should be received by MARCH 31, 2000.

- Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection of their contribution shortly after JUNE 1, 2000.

- CLAIO Mexico City: September 4-8, 2000.

Only accepted extended abstracts by authors whose attendance is guaranteed will be published in the conference proceedings.

------------------------------------------------------------------ INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------

Further information about the conference, including venues, accomodations, fees, will be posted in conference web site:

Those interested in joining the conference mailing list to receive updates or those have any inquires should request it to:

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