CfP: ECAI-2000 Workshop on Local Search for Planning & Scheduling

Subject: CfP: ECAI-2000 Workshop on Local Search for Planning & Scheduling
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Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 12:17:04 MET

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                Call for Papers/Participation

                    ECAI-2000 Workshop on
           Local Search for Planning & Scheduling

   Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, August 21, 2000


With the increasing deployment of planning and scheduling
systems, developers are often faced with requirements such
as very large search spaces, real-time performance demands
and dynamic environments. Complete refinement methods do not
scale very good, leaving local search methods as the only
practical alternative. A dynamic environment promotes an
application of local search as well, because the search
heuristics are not normally affected by modifications of the
search space. Furthermore, local search is very appropriate
for anytime requirements as the optimization goal is
improved in an iterative way. Such advantages are offset by
the incompleteness of most local search methods, resulting
in lack of proof of inconsistency or optimality of the
solutions generated. Popular local search approaches include
evolutionary algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search,
min-conflicts, GSAT and Walksat.

There exists a significant overlap in the issues addressed
by solution techniques for planning and scheduling, such as
reasoning about temporal and resource aspects. The workshop
will bring together researchers from the planning and
scheduling communities to explore these issues with respect
to local search procedures. The workshop may also be of
interest to a broader audience interested in general issues
in local search.

Workshop topics will include:

 * Neighborhoods for planning & scheduling
 * Search-space analysis
 * Techniques to avoid local minima and plateaus
 * Reasoning about temporal, spatial and other resources
 * Integration of planning & scheduling
 * Comparisons to complete search
 * Combinations of local search and complete search

The workshop will be divided into several tracks, which
focus on specific aspects of the workshop subject. Every
track will consist of technical paper presentations with
affiliated discussion rounds. The tracks will be formed
according to the distribution of accepted papers. We will
organize invited talks for some of the tracks.


Participants will be selected based on refereed submissions.
If you wish to attend but are not submitting a paper, please
send a one-page statement of interest by the submission


Paper submissions should be no longer than six pages.
Guidelines for the submission format can be found at

Papers may be submitted by e-mailing a document's URL to the
workshop chair. If this is not possible, please contact the
workshop chair. Accepted submissions will be included in the
workshop's working notes.

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2000
Notification Date: May 29, 2000
Final Submission Due: June 12, 2000
Workshop Held: August 21, 2000

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