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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 14:13:55 MET

**** Please note, after requests for more time, the deadline for submission
of extended abstracts has been extended to January 18, 2000 ******


                  *** FINAL CALL FOR EXTENDED ABSTRACTS ***

                from AI and cognitive science researchers

                                 for the

                               Symposium on

                * *
                * *

                        "Time for AI and Society"
              2000 Convention of the Society for the Study of
          Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour

                          17th-20th April 2000
                        University of Birmingham

                         *** *** ***

The Symposium will take place over one or two days during the Convention.
Exactly which days those are will be decided nearer the Convention date.

URL for the Symposium: http://www.hud.ac.uk/schools/comp+maths/research/Artform/symposium.html


This symposium will provide a forum for the discussion of current
issues in AI Planning. As the theme of the Convention is `Time for AI
and Society' we particularly welcome submissions on the theme of `AI
Planning and Intelligent Agents', covering any aspect of the
connections between planning and agent-based reasoning. Intelligent
Agents need to reason and plan, possibly under temporal constraints,
while planning needs relevant domains and applications, so we feel an
exchange of ideas and views between these 2 areas would be both
stimulating and useful. Submissions are also invited on any aspect of
the field of AI Planning, including, but not restricted to, Robotics,
Co-operative Agents, Reasoning about Knowledge, Action and Time,
Constraint-based Planning Control Techniques, Scheduling, Distributed
Planning, Case-based Planning, Search, Representation Languages for
Planning, AI Planning & Scheduling Applications, HTN Planning,
Graph-based Planning and Reactive Planning.


Papers will be selected by BLIND anonymous peer review of EXTENDED
ABSTRACTS of between two and four A4 pages (or 8.5in by 11in pages),
including figure captions and foot/endnotes, but excluding title etc.,
bibliography, acknowledgments and the graphical bodies of figures. A
cover page or easily separable initial section should be supplied
listing the paper title and the authors' names and affiliations, but
the remainder of the document should NOT specify the authors or
affiliations. Be especially careful that names and addresses do not
get included at the end of an email submission. To the extent
possible, the body of the abstract should be written in such a way that
the authors and affiliations cannot readily be identified from the
content or citations.

Submissions should be sent to the Programme Chair, as specified below.
Submissions should be in one of the following forms: plain text email,
postscript email, or hardcopy. Plain-text email submission is the
preferred format.


NOTE: Authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to supply full papers
for inclusion in a symposium pre-proceedings published by AISB. The
possibility of post-Convention publication of revised papers from the
symposium in the form of a book or special journal issue is being investigated.

Extended Abstract submission deadline NOW: 18th January 2000
Extended Abstract acceptance/rejection: 28th January 2000

Camera-Ready Full Paper submission deadline: 13th March 2000

The Convention: 17th April - 20th April 2000


Diane Kitchin,
School of Computing & Mathematics,
University of Huddersfield,
Queensgate, Huddersfield, W. Yorks. HD1 3DH
Tel : +44 (0)1484 472204
Email : d.kitchin@hud.ac.uk


Ruth Aylett, University of Salford
Diane Kitchin, University of Huddersfield
Lee McCluskey, University of Huddersfield
Julie Porteous, University of Durham
Sam Steel, University of Essex



The Programme Overseers and Local Arrangements Chairmen are:

   Prof. John A. Barnden & Dr. Mark G. Lee
   School of Computer Science
   University of Birmingham

   Work: (+44) (0)121 414-{3816,4765}
   Fax: (+44) (0)121 414-4281
   NOTE: Please address all enquiries about the SPECIFIC SYMPOSIUM featured
   in this call to the Programme Chair(s) above, NOT to Barnden or Lee.
   In particular, please do not send submissions to Barnden or Lee.
   Barnden and Lee welcome general enquiries about the Convention.

The whole Convention will largely consist of some Keynote Talks and
about ten Symposia on a wide range of topics in Artificial Intelligence
and Cognitive Science. Underlying subthemes of the Convention will
include but will not be restricted to: applications of AI to society;
how AI can change society; how society affects individual cognition; how
individual agents work together; society-of-agents views of individual
cognition; and how agents deal with time and change outside and within
themselves. Please see the Convention web page (above) for descriptions
of the individual Symposia.

The Keynote Speakers will be Alan Bundy from the University of
Edinburgh, Geoffrey Hinton from University College, London (England),
Marvin Minsky from MIT, and Aaron Sloman from the University of
Birmingham (England). The keynote talks will be plenary events.

Convention URL: http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mgl/aisb/

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