Post for research fellow

Subject: Post for research fellow
From: Theodore Voutsinas (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 14:17:57 MET

University of Piraeus
Department of Industrial Management

Post for research fellow

The Department of Industrial Management of the University of Piraeus
is seeking young researchers to carry out research in the Department,
in the field of Reverse Logistics in the context of a TMR project. The
candidate must hold a Ph.D. or M.Sc. degree in Operations Research
or Production and Operations Management or Information Technology
or Environmental Management or a related area.

The candidate must be aged 35 years or less at the time of his
appointment. An allowance to this age limit may be made for
compulsory military service (the actual time spent in military service)
or child care (a maximum of two years per child for the actual time
spent off work up to an overall maximum of five years).

The applicant must be a national of a Member State of the European
Community (except for Greece) or Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein or Norway.
According to the terms of the TMR project, he must not be of Greek
nationality and he must not have carried out his normal activities in
Greece for more than 18 of the 24 months prior to his appointment.

The appointment will be temporary at a maximum of 35 months. The
gross salary (including social charges and pension costs) may be as
high as 2,500 ECUs per month depending on qualifications.

Please send your application with CV to
Theodore G. Voutsinas
Mec. Eng. - Research Assistant
University of Piraeus - Dept. of Industrial Management
80 Karaoli & Dimitriou str., 185 34 - Piraeus
Hellas - GR
Fax : +30 1 4179064
E-mail :

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