Important: Abstract pre-submission encouraged for AIPS 2000

Subject: Important: Abstract pre-submission encouraged for AIPS 2000
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 02:01:47 MET DST

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Dear Colleague:

As you know, the submission deadline for the next AI Planning and
Scheduling Systems conference (to be held in Breckenridge, CO in April
2000) is November 1st, 1999--a scant 3 weeks away.
Submission details can be found at:

****We are sending this message specifically to encourage potential
authors to send

  author names,
  abstracts and

of the potential submissions emailed to

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE--preferably by 27th (next wednesday).

This will help us greatly in expedite the reviewing process and to
make sure that your paper goes to the most appropiate program
committee members. (Since the original CFP failed mention this
abstract submission requirement, we will still consider papers that
are submitted without a prior abstract submission, but request all
authors to take a moment to mail the abstracts asap. Even if the
abstracts are not polished, they will still help us in making the
reviewing assignments).

In closing, we would like to see the most exciting advances in
planning and scheduling be presented at AIPS-2000, and hope you will
submit your best work to the conference.

Best wishes,

 Steve Chien, Subbarao Kambhampati and Craig Knoblock
 AIPS 2000 Program Chairs.

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