CFP: Planning, Scheduling and Control - AIPS-20000 Workshop

Subject: CFP: Planning, Scheduling and Control - AIPS-20000 Workshop
From: Alexander Kott (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 01:15:48 MET DST

Call for Papers and Participation

AIPS 2000 Workshop on


Breckenridge, CO, USA, April 14, 2000

The proposed workshop will explore the issues and opportunities at the
interface of Planning/Scheduling and
Enterprise-level Control.

We observe a rapidly growing interest in exploring opportunities for
convergence of Planning/Scheduling and the
recent advances in supervisory control of discrete and hybrid systems. An
intriguing evidence of this interest is
the recent initiation of large-scale programs focused on a broader issue of
control of enterprise operations, as
opposed to generation of plan/schedule for an enterprise. The message is
“How do we do planning/scheduling
within the overall process of continuous control of complex, large-scale
dynamic enterprises?”

Prior conferences/workshops on Planning and Control have focused largely
(although not exclusively) on
planning and control in robotics applications. This workshop, although not
excluding such a research, will strive
to give greater weight to the planning and control of an “enterprise” – a
large-scale system with broadly
distributed and potentially conflicting goals, resources and constraints,
with multiple semi-autonomous
participants of both human and artificial nature (e.g., large military
operations, financial/trading institutions,
logistics systems, manufacturing plants, power grids).

Conceptual convergence and opportunities for cross-fertilization between the
two fields – Planning/Scheduling
and Enterprise-level Supervisory Control are exceptionally strong. Rapidly
accelerating research in discrete-event
control systems and hybrid systems finds itself facing many of the same
issues that are being explored within the
planning/scheduling community. E.g., practical applications of
model-predictive control contain important
functional elements that are indistinguishable from a planning/scheduling
application; issues of stability in
dynamic replanning have not been adequately addressed yet, and can benefit
greatly from the extensive results
developed within the control community.

Specific Topics of Interest

            Integrated planning, scheduling and control algorithms
            Control and planning of Discrete-Event Systems
            Stability and dynamic phenomena in dynamic replanning,
rescheduling and execution
            Adaptive control vs. learning in planning
            Game-theoretic control and adversarial planning
            Mixed-initiative planning/scheduling and role of humans on the
control loop
            Distributed control vs. multi-agent planning
            Monitoring and state estimation in control and planning

This workshop is intended to bring together theoretical and applied
researchers from both the Planning and
Scheduling community and the Control Theory community.

Format of the Workshop

The workshop will combine an invited talk, presentations of papers and a
poster session which may also include
demonstrations. Thus, the workshop invites any of the following, or a
combination thereof:

      a full-length paper
      a poster presentation
      a demonstration of a software system.

Submission Guidelines

Papers should not exceed 8 pages in length and must use AAAI macros and
templates and AAAI instructions.
Researchers wishing to participate in the poster and/or demonstration
session can submit either a 2-page position
paper or a full-length paper corresponding to their posters or
demonstration. The organizing committee will
determine the acceptance of the papers for either a talk of about 20 minutes
or a poster presentation. All
full-length papers accepted for either a talk or the poster session will be
included the workshop publication.
Submit all papers as uncompressed PostScript files via e-mail to

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: December 15, 1999
Submission Notification: January 30, 2000
Final Submission Due: February 28, 2000
Workshop Held: April 14, 2000

Workshop Organizers

      Alexander Kott,
      Bruce Krogh,
      Stephen Smith,

Further Information

See or send your questions to one of the workshop

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