PLANET network: funding opportunity

Subject: PLANET network: funding opportunity
From: Steel S W D (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 14:40:53 MET DST

This email is intended to reach all and only researchers in Europe
with an interest in planning or scheduling. Of course it will not.
My apologies if it has reached you by mistake: complain, and I will
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Sam Steel


                PLANET network of excellence

The PLANET network of excellence is funded by the European Union. It
aims to increase the cooperation and visibility of planning and
scheduling research and application.

There is information about it at


One way it does this is to distribute money for activities that do
this. The amount is relatively small, but it may make a useful
difference in (say) paying for a researcher or student to visit
another site, collecting data about an industrial problem on-site,
organizing tutorials, setting up a competition, or publishing problem
descriptions or software.

At the PLANET meeting in Durham in September 1999, the PLANET members
present agreed on these criteria for funding.

  PLANET can give money to promote any activity inside the European
  Union that gathers or spreads information about planning or
  scheduling, broadly understood.

  There is no checklist of conditions that an application must meet in
  order to get funding. However, there are reasons for preferring to
  prefer one activity to another. Here they are, in decreasing order of

  . It would not take place without PLANET funding.
  . It will be only partly funded by PLANET.
  . It will lead to greater awareness of planning and scheduling
      outside PLANET.
  . It involves industrial organizations.
  . It involves participants from more than one country.

  There are also reasons for rejecting an application. These follow from
  the conditions of the grant from the European Union.

  . It is principally for seeking further funding.
  . It is for completing a piece of research.

  Decision about funding will be made by the PLANET Network Executive
  Committee, typically within two weeks. Decisions are subject to
  ratification by the European Commission, but this can be expected.

Anyone in the European Union can apply for this money. To do so, send
an email to the PLANET Network coordinator at


An application should

. be brief - one side of A4 equivalent maximum;
. describe the proposed activity;
. say how much is asked for, and when it is needed;

. say and where any other funding is being sought or has been obtained;
. make it clear that all participants mentioned are willing to take part

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