Job Vacancies in the apes research group

Subject: Job Vacancies in the apes research group
From: Patrick Prosser (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 14:57:27 MET DST

The APES research group ( have a number of

        - a lecturer/senior lecturer
        - 2 graduate teaching assistants (GTA's)
        - a part time teaching assistant (TA)

The GTA's are 4 year positions, studying for a PhD and assisting with teaching.
The salary is 8,500 pounds per annum.

The TA is a part time position, assisting with teaching.

The lectureship is a permanent position.

If you are interested in any of the above position please contact me.

All the best


Patrick Prosser                      tel: +44 141 548 4303
Department of Computer Science       fax: +44 141 552 5330
University of Strathclyde               
Glasgow G1 1XH             

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