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Subject: [Fwd: Reminder: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems TCU]
From: Alexandra Coddington (A.M.Coddington@iti.salford.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 15:32:17 MET

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First meeting of the PLANET Intelligent
Manufacturing Systems (PIMS) TCU

Salford University, Weds 14th April

Call for participation


The PLANET Intelligent Manufacturing
Systems (PIMS) Technical Coordination
Unit (TCU) will hold its first meeting
at Salford University, Greater
Manchester, UK on 14th April 1999. The
meetings of the Workflow Management and
Knowledge Acquisition TCUs will be held
in the same location on the two previous
days (April 12th and 13th).

The meeting is open to all PLANET
members, and (subject to agreement) to
non-members willing and able to
contribute actively to discussions.
Participation by those with experience
in manufacturing systems in general is
particularly encouraged.

If you are interested in attending and
feel you can contribute, please contact
one of:
Alex Coddington,
Gary Petley,
Tel: +44 161 295 2922The deadline for
registration is 30th March.


PLANET is the European Network of
Excellence in AI Planning and Scheduling
(see http://planet.dfki.de/index.html).
Its primary aim is to coordinate
European research in this technology,
and facilitate its transfer to industry
and other users. Much of PLANET's work
is performed in 'technical coordination
units' (TCUs), each focussed on an
application or technical area. A key
deliverable of each TCUs is a
research/application road map in the
given area. The subject of this
announcement is the first meeting of the
PLANET Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Objectives of the meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to work
towards a research and application road
map for planning and scheduling applied
to manufacturing. One way to structure
such a road map is as three parallel
time lines covering:

- relevant planning and scheduling
research goals and achievements
- end-user applications and the
capabilities they require
- conventional manufacturing packages
and the capabilities they offer

The aim of the meeting is to begin
populating and interlinking these time
lines. The timelines will be fairly
coarse grained. For example, the scales
could be 'now', '1 year', '3 years', '5
years', 'eventually'.

To assist in creating this map, **we ask
participants to send a 1-2 page
summary** commenting on one or more
these three time lines: for example,
their own relevant work and
achievements, new end-user applications
tackled, experience with the
capabilities and limitations of existing
conventional software. Preferred formats
are html (so we can put everything on
the web) or plain ascii.

Outline agenda
It is envisaged that the meeting will
consist of two main sessions. The first
will consist of short (15-20 min)
presentations from participants -- all
those attending are strongly encouraged
to give a presentation, however brief
and informal. These should summarise
current and planned
manufacturing-related activities, and
propose points on the timelines.

The second session will be an open
discussion aimed at synthesising a first
draft of the road map and drawing up a
plan of action for the TCU, including
PLANET-funded personnel exchanges.

Accommodation and subsistence.

We hope to provide accommodation for all
those attending at Salford University,
though this is yet to be confirmed.
Accommodation expenses for PLANET
members will be met by PLANET. Lunchtime
and evening meals will also be provided
but members must pay their own travel
costs. It may be necessary to ask
non-members for a contribution towards

Ruth Aylett

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