Advanced Development Position at Xerox

Subject: Advanced Development Position at Xerox
From: Lisa Purvis (
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 16:47:02 MET


Required qualifications:
 * MS or PhD in Computer Science
 * C++, object oriented design, constraint based programming
 * Unix

Desired qualifications:
 * Experience programming threaded applications
 * Experience with case-based reasoning
 * Experience working on teams and large projects

Job Description:
Design and implement realtime machine control scheduling software
which incorporates constraint-based techniques.

Implement performance optimizations based on collecting and
analyzing data on the scheduling performance, and keeping up
with the latest constraint and other related AI research.
Work with the rest of the development team to integrate the
scheduling software within a larger embedded system, and to leverage
the technology to solve other domain related problems.

We are looking for people with strong theoretical and practical
backgrounds, specifically interested in engaging in the process
of technology transfer. The group is engaged in projects
involving both Xerox PARC and Xerox Business Divisions.

Interested individuals should send a resume or cv to: (plain text prefered)

or in hardcopy to:

Dragana Pavlovic
Xerox Corporation
800 Phillips Road, Bldg 207 - 1Z
Webster, NY 14580

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