Research position available

Subject: Research position available
From: Juergen Dorn (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 17:58:58 MET DST

The department of Databases and Expert Systems, Institute of Information
Systems, Technical University of Vienna, is offering a
Research Position in Reactive Scheduling for Production Processes.
Applicants should have knowledge / experience in (one or more of) the
following areas:
- scheduling
- discrete event simulation
- object-oriented software engineering
- programming skills (C++, JAVA)
Starting Date: October 1998
Project Synopsis
REFRESH - A Reusable and Extendible Framework for REactive ScHeduling
The objective of this project is a generic class library suitable for
developing reactive scheduling systems for process-oriented production
processes. The project draws on the existing DÉJÀ VU class library for
multi-criteria scheduling problems. The class library will be extended by a
component to support vague reasoning in order to measure the robustness of
schedules against unforeseen events on the shop floor and to define a
filter to restrict the reactions of the scheduler. Furthermore, a dedicated
scheduling algorithm and strategies are developed based on tabu search. A
simulation framework is developed in which events are randomly generated,
to allow for the (fine-)tuning of constraint weights and to test the
dynamic behavior of the scheduling system in terms of
- the achieved robustness of schedules,
- the restriction of scheduling system’s nervousness, and
- the timeliness of reactions.
Finally, a scheduling system is developed with the framework and is
compared experimentally to other approaches.
The project is funded by the FWF (Austrian Science Foundation) and the
project will be conducted with close relation to the Austrian steel
industry. Further a cooperation with the Robotics Institute of Carnegie
Mellon University (USA) and with the University of New South Wales
(Australia) is planned.
For more information contact
Juergen Dorn ( or see
Deja Vu-page:

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