Job opening for young planning researcher

Subject: Job opening for young planning researcher
From: Joachim Hertzberg (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 11:47:29 MET DST

Dear all,

please consider the following job opening if you have a young
researcher in robot planning (and related issues) in your lab who is
willing to work abroad for some time and has a EU (but non-German)
nationality. The job is strictly time-limited. Within the boundaries
of the funding network, the work topic in detail can be discussed to
meet the interests and needs of the applicant and his or her ``home
base''; e.g., it would be possible in principle to hire a PhD student
and coordinate the work topic with his or her home university.

Best regards,

        Joachim Hertzberg


GMD's Cognitive Robotics group ( has
a limited-time position available for a pre-doc or post-doc researcher
in the area of robot planning. It is funded by the EU TMR reserach
network VIRGO (Vision-Based Robot Navigation). For details about
VIRGO, see

Potential applicants are supposed to work within VIRGO's task T6
(Strategic/tactical planner). Possible working topics include
generation and execution of path plans under uncertainty (e.g., POMDP
and related approaches), and approaches to integrate active sensing
into purposive acting; work topics in detail are negotiable as long as
they fall into the range of the above-mentioned VIRGO task.

Due to its funding, there are some syntactic constraints on this
-- it is limited to 9-18 months;
-- applicants must be of EU, but non-German, nationality;
-- applicants should normally not be older than 35;
-- applicants must not have carried out their normal job activities in
   Germany for more than 18 months in the two years prior to their
Additional EC conditions apply, please check with us.

Payment will be according to tariffs of German public services. Also
due to its funding, it would be relatively easy to change to another
partner within Virgo after the GMD stage.

For more information, contact Erich Rome or Joachim Hertzberg

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