Re: dissertation available

Subject: Re: dissertation available
From: Wei Zhang (
Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 18:53:10 MET DST

Dear Colleagues,

There is an address change for neuroprose. The correct
location of my thesis now is

Sorry for inconvenience. Let me know if there is a further

Christain: Thanks for your help!


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>From Wed Apr 22 09:19 PDT 1998
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 18:18:02 +0200
From: Christian Hestermann <>
Subject: Re: dissertation available
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Dear Dr. Zhang!

>My dissertation on scheduling now is available at neuroprose:

I had problems downloading your dissertation; on this server only the
directories /etc and /bin seem to exist.
Anyway, I was successful using the server
where the stated text exists.

You might want to distribute this information to the list.

Greetings, and thanks for supplying your work,

Christian Hestermann

Chair of Artificial Intelligence
and Applied Computer Science
Dept. of Computer Science
University Wuerzburg

Allesgrundweg 12
97218 Gerbrunn, Germany
Tel.: ++49 931 / 31-2196
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