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Subject: AIPS Workshops
From: Reid Simmons (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 21:11:59 MET

Dear Colleague,

The March 3 deadline for submission to the AIPS-98 workshops is fast
approaching. We encourage you to consider submitting to one of the four
workshops, which will be held June 7, the day prior to the start of the
AIPS technical conference. If you know of others who may be interested,
please distribute this announcement to them.

The AIPS workshops should be an exciting venue for presenting and
discussing new ideas. We look forward to your participation.

Reid Simmons
Manuela Veloso
Steve Smith
AIPS Program Co-chairs

Steve Chien
AIPS Workshop Chair

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION IN

        Fourth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
                        in Planning Systems (AIPS-98),

                        Carnegie Mellon University
                              Pittsburgh, PA

Four workshops on various topics will be held Sunday June 7, 1998 the day
before the start of the AIPS-98 technical conference. The deadline for
submissions to the workshops is MARCH 3, 1998. The submission requirements
differ a bit for each workshop: Check the specific call for participation
of the workshop in which you are interested.

The workshops (described in detail below) are:

* Planning as Combinatorial Search: Propositional, Graph-Based, and
  Disjunctive Planning Methods

* Integrating Planning, Scheduling and Execution in Dynamic and Uncertain

* Knowledge Engineering and Acquisition for Planning: Bridging Theory and

* Interactive and Collaborative Planning

For more information, contact Steve Chien at


                          CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

              Workshop on: PLANNING AS COMBINATORIAL SEARCH:

                           Sunday, June 7, 1998
                        Carnegie Mellon University
                              Pittsburgh, PA

                            in conjunction with
                    Fourth International Conference on
            Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems (AIPS-98)


- -----------

Recently very efficient planning systems have been build around local
search, graph search, A* search, dynamic programming, integer
programming, and other general combinatorial search techniques. This
workshop will examine the common threads that link these different
efforts and look for new ways that mature combinatorial algorithms
from different areas of computer science can be fruitfully applied to
AI planning systems.

Some of the issues we will discuss include:

* Tradeoffs in translations of planning problems into other
formalisms, such as propositional satisfiability or integer

* Unifying frameworks, such as disjunctive planning.

* Comparisons of general search engines and specialized planning
systems. Cross-disciplinary benchmark test-beds.

* The role of heuristic and domain-specific knowledge when the
"planner" is a general combinatorial search engine.

* The relationship between model-based planning and diagnosis and
general combinatorial algorithms.

For more suggestions on unifying frameworks and problem encodings, see
the home pages for the IJCAI-97 Challenges in Bridging Plan Synthesis
Paradigms ( and
Propositional Reasoning and Search
( respectively.

- ---------------

The workshop will include panels, invited talks, discussions, and a
few short paper presentations. We will identify several major common
themes for panels and discussions based on the research statements
from participants (see below), and will select people to make brief (5
minute) presentations on their work as part of the discussions.

- --------------------------------------

Attendance will be by invitation. If you wish to participate, submit a
short statement of your research interests by email to:

Please send plain ASCII text only.

If you have recently submitted a relevant research paper to AIPS or to
another AI conference, please include a copy of the abstract. At your
option, you may also include an extended abstract (6 page maximum, in
text or postscript format) of new work you may wish to discuss.
Participants will be invited to submit a final version of their
research statement and other supplementary material to be printed in
the working notes.

The workshop fee will be minimal for participants attending the main
conference, the Fourth International Conference on Artificial
Intelligence Planning Systems (AIPS-98). See
for details.

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* Submit statement of interest by MARCH 3, 1998.

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